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iXperience is an investment
in your future self.

Our programs are designed to improve your future career prospects.
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With financial aid options available.
iX Winter

What's included:

  • Two weeks of live, online seminars and homework.
  • Classes and resources to help you be effective as a remote employee.
  • Resume, LinkedIn, and interview prep.
  • A certificate of completion you can add to your LinkedIn.
  • Lifetime access to the iX alumni network

Aid available.

iX Winter Plus

What's included:

  • Everything in iX Winter.
  • A dedicated career coach.
  • Three coaching sessions during the program.

Aid available.

The iX Effect

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Yunny Chung, iX Alum

After iX: Software Engineer @ Microsoft

"iX wasn’t a 'cost', but rather an 'investment' in my life. I gained invaluable technical skills, work experience, self-confidence, and motivation - all integral for continued success...Considering the quality of the program and, most importantly, the life lessons that I learned, I can confidently say that iXperience was one of the best investments of my life."

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Sabra Marateb, iX Alum

After iX: Senior Business Associate @ Visa

"iXperience helped me get extremely competitive investment banking internships as I was able to showcase an app that I had built in my resume. Perhaps more importantly, iXperience encouraged me to pursue my entrepreneurial interest. I have since started a small video ad agency while maintaining my current job."

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Brian Li, iX Alum

After iX: Data Scientist @ Facebook

"The iX data science course offered thorough preparation for my internship. Through course engagement and consistent expert guidance, I feel I have mastered the programming skills, enabling me to analyze large datasets and further educational research in my internship placement."

Braden Casady, iX Alum

After iX: Investment Banking Analyst @ Goldman Sachs

"From the people to the classes, I've never learned so much in such a short amount of time. iX also has prepared me for the upcoming interview process and I feel confident and ready to succeed."

Christopher Haung, iX Alum

After iX: Founder & CEO @ BetterNature

"Management Consulting course was one of the best educational decisions I have ever made, and pivotal in my following career moves. My time at iX laid down the foundation for me to get a place as a Summer Business Analyst at McKinsey London. The biggest learning outcome I got from iX was a growth mindset and after graduation, instead of playing it safe, I leapt into starting my own company."

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Our alumni lead meaningful careers at amazing companies around the world.

You'll join a global community of some of the most driven and talented students on Earth.

And you'll be able to connect with them.

On our custom-built, private alumni platform. See where iX alumni are working and request introductions.

We are committed to affordability.

Inspired by their experiences, our founders continuously seek ways to enable transformative experiences for everyone.
Chief Executive Officer
Aaron Fuchs
Chief Product Officer
Rafi Khan

Both Aaron and Rafi graduated from Yale University, where they received nearly 100% of tuition in need-based aid. Due to Yale's generous policies, they both had transformative experiences abroad. Their mission is to enable the same experiences for students like them.


in financial assistance granted to students based on financial need alone.


students who receive over 30% financial assistance directly from iXperience or partner institutions.


4-year home universities represented in our alumni community.

How iXperience financial aid works.

Need-blind admissions

iXperience has a need-blind admissions policy, which means we don't consider an applicant's financial situation when making their admissions decision—we decide based on the strength of an application alone. If you indicate that you'll be applying for financial aid in the application, you'll have the opportunity to fill out a separate financial aid application after you submit your program application.

Need-based financial aid

We grant aid based on an applicant's demonstrated need, which is calculated based on their family income and a variety of other factors. Financial aid packages can be up to 30% of your summer tuition fee depending on your needs. If you are granted aid, it will be deducted off of your program fees. Financial aid awards cannot be used to pay the program deposit.

The application process

During your application, you will need to select if you are applying for financial aid and you will then have to complete a separate application to be eligible. We will release your financial aid package within two weeks of releasing your application decision.

As a part of your application, we will ask you to disclose any other aid you've received to do iXperience, which may affect your iX aid package. Additionally, if your university has a partnership with iXperience and you are eligible for aid through your university, then we may not consider you for direct iX aid.

Family income

There is no official income cut-off for financial aid eligibility. Since eligibility for need-based financial aid is determined by many factors, including the family’s income, family size and number of children in college, we encourage you to apply if you are concerned about your ability to pay. Family income includes both taxed and untaxed income. Total income is based on the Adjusted Gross Income listed on the federal tax return plus all untaxed income (i.e., tax-deferred pension contributions, social security benefits, child support received, tax-exempt interest). In cases of divorced or separated families, the incomes from both parents are considered in determining total family income.

Parents, talk with us

Our Head of Admissions is happy to discuss your family's unique circumstances.

Find a time

Dates and deadlines.

Program dates

January 4 - 15, 2021.

Classes Monday - Friday, 12pm-2pm EST.

Daily homework, which should take about 2-4 hours.

Application deadlines

October 22 - Early Decision: Highest chance of admission.

November 24 - Regular Decision: Admission to talented candidates.

December 17 - Late Deadline: Admission only to exceptional candidates.

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