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iXperience is a study abroad academy in Berlin, Lisbon, Cape Town, and Tel Aviv that draws students from the world's top universities, such as Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford. We teach rigorous, immersive courses in high-demand skills—topics that are often taught poorly, or not at all, at traditional university.

Project-driven and hands-on

We craft each of our courses around projects derived from real-world problems, so our students are empowered to create value from the theory they learn. This forms the perfect compliment to traditional university education.

More about who we are

A culture worthy of the profession.

Our teachers are our lifeblood, and are treated and rewarded as such.
World-class facilities

You'll be teaching at first class office spaces in our cities, with blazing fast wifi and cutting-edge tech equipment.

A community of support

You'll be working alongside other industry experts who, like you, share their knowledge generously and are eager to be colleagues and friends.

Competitive compensation

Our teachers are rewarded at rates competitive with their industry, and incentivized to grow, share, and excel.

If you’re a teacher, you haven’t really taught until you’ve spent all day every day with your students in an environment like iXperience.

Salman Ansari – Inaugural iXperience Teacher

Hear what our past teachers have to say.

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"The community of teachers at iX are some the smartest, kindest, and fun people I know and it was an honor to be a part of that. iX teachers and TAs are people who genuinely care about education and teach out of a passion for what they do. I loved that students would be out of their context and able to learn by doing - and learn things that are relevant, not just theoretical."

Megan Adolph

UX Teacher 2016, Design Researcher & Strategist

"It was one of the best moments of my life. Sitting and watching the students present ideas and prototypes that could well be candidates for incubator funding was a treat I’ll never forget. The projects they built sought to solve problems like HIV prevention, access to doctors online, prevention of exhaustion from electronics over-use, and lots more."

Salman Ansari

Coding Teacher 2014, Co-founder and CTO at Rested

"Between building lesson plans from scratch, delivering guest lectures, and holding office hours for dozens of bright university students, I know that I had exposure to teaching experience that is uniquely impactful for someone so young. This is a very tough job, but the lessons I learned will be invaluable for my future career and life - wherever they may take me."

Cameron Cross

TA 2016, Associate Consultant at Bain & Co

Help us change the future of learning.

Our courses run for 6 weeks, starting 27 May and 8 July.
Teaching is a full-time commitment for the session(s) you teach.
Competitive salary
At least 3 years industry experience
Proven expertise
A growth mindset
Inspire and motivate students
Develop curriculum
Facilitate classes
Competitive salary
Internship or work experience in field
Demonstrable knowledge
Performance driven
Assist in running classes
Office hours + additional workshops
Career guidance and support
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