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    Create global impact
    without the travel.

    Collaborate with other top students online to deliver exceptional results for a company this summer.
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    Gain international work experience and build your resume - online, from anywhere.

    After your online bootcamp course, you'll be placed in a four-week online internship with a company abroad. But online doesn't mean disengaged: expect daily collaboration with your fellow students, frequent check-ins with your manager, and high standards for results.

    Integrated with your course.

    Our internships don't require prior experience. That's because what you learn in class will connect directly with your internship project, so you'll be applying your new skills to create value.

    Remote and highly collaborative.

    You'll be working closely with other talented students to complete the deliverables for your project. By the end, you'll be a professional at using online tools to communicate, collaborate, and create—while having the flexibility to work from anywhere.

    Continuously supported.

    You'll meet frequently with your manager for check-ins, alignment, and feedback about your work. Your teaching team will be available throughout to support you with both subject matter and relationship management.
    Nell Steinmetz, iX 2019 Alum
    University of Michigan
    "The internship I had allowed me to work at a startup, giving me a huge project and the freedom to add a lot of value. I redesigned a company's entire website from scratch using my own designs, which was extremely rewarding to see at the end of only one month."

    Tangible deliverables in 1 summer.

    We'll provide daily support to empower you to generate real-world value in a professional environment—and bolster your resume. (Note that companies and projects change from year to year.)
    Pascha Hao

    iX Full Stack Coding
    Interned at Invictus Capital

    "Working at Invictus Capital was both challenging and exciting. I worked on a withdrawal smart contract that will ultimately allow people to interact with the blockchain in a different way. I learned so much in just a week and adjusted to the self motivated structure well."
    Rohan Kerr

    iX Product Management
    Interned at Feastfox

    "Using state-of-the-art technology we had the vital responsibility of relaying consumer feedback directly to the executive team at Feastfox, helping to prioritize new features and identify opportunities for growth. The nimble and close-knit culture at Feastfox was an awesome fit!"
    Camryn Okere

    iX Visual Design
    Interned at SoundCloud

    "The working environment was young, driven, and collaborative. Once a week, the teams came together to share their work and see how the product and our projects progressed on a large scale. Everyone was also really concerned about us having a good experience."

    Results that speak for themselves.

    Example resumes from students who've completed our programs.
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    We found all iX students to be hard working, smart and show a lot of initiative in their research. Some had the opportunity to present to our international clients.

    Kaitlin Byrne – Senior Equity Analyst, Prudential

    The future of work is remote.

    Increasingly, companies value self-driven and organized employees who can demonstrate similar or increased productivity from outside the office.


    Growth in number of remote workers in the last 15 years. (Source: Global Workplace Analytics)


    Of teams have at least one full-time remote employee. (Source: Buffer)

    Companies around the world and the US are offering opportunities to work remotely for their employees. Their biggest hesitation? A loss in productivity due to distraction or demotivation.

    You can improve your future career prospects—and set yourself up to be a productive remote employee—through practice. Our programs will help you gain the skill set and discipline you can show future employers to land a job with a high degree of autonomy and flexibility.

    Jennifer Christie
    Head of HR, Twitter

    "We’ll never probably be the same. People who were reticent to work remotely will find that they really thrive that way. Managers who didn’t think they could manage teams that were remote will have a different perspective. I do think we won’t go back."

    Source: Buzzfeed News

    Remote Internship FAQs

    What's an online internship like?

    An online internship is just like an in-office internship, with the obvious exception that you will not be commuting into the office each day. Projects are specifically scoped to be the same in complexity, length, content and duration as an in-office internship, with the added benefit of a comprehensive support structure in the shape of daily check ins from your dedicated Teaching Team mentor, and twice-weekly check ins from your company manager.

    What will be my weekly schedule?

    For three days every week, you will work on your internship project, in your internship team as well as individually. You will have daily check-ins on your progress on your internship project from your Teaching Team dedicated mentor, who will also be on hand to answer any questions you might have. On two days a week, you will have class in the virtual classroom with your Head Teachers, your Teaching Assistants and all your course classmates.

    Twice a week, your manager at your internship company will check in with your team - together with your Teaching Team mentor - to answer questions you might have about your internship project, as well as to check on the direction that your project is taking, and brainstorm with your team any challenges you might be having.

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