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    Unfortunately, due to COVID regulations, our programs in Lisbon are closed for Summer 2021.

    Where rustic meets the 21st century.

    Lisbon, Portugal's dynamic capital city, is changing fast. Portugal has seen a huge economic boom in the last decade, with young creatives and global funders reimagining the city, building on what is already there, while retaining the rustic charm and low cost of living.

    Carolyn Melvin, iX Lisbon 2019
    University of Michigan 2022
    "I love Lisbon! iX allowed me to become familiar with this unique, growing city. Lisbon is still very local and I truly felt like I got to know the culture and history of this city. Also it is a reasonable place to study with inexpensive food, walkability, beautiful beaches, and many people speak English."

    Travel with purpose.

    Our for-credit Global Studies curriculum—which all students take during the first week—will expand your perspective and give you unforgettable memories.
    History and Context

    Get essential information about the city you're living in, including the major events that led to the present moment.

    A seafaring history spanning the entire world.

    Cultural Field Trips

    Bring your classroom learning to life through iX-sponsored excursions to points of cultural intrigue in the city.

    A dramatic tension playing out between old and new.

    Talk with us

    Our course advisors are experts at helping you craft the perfect summer.

    Find a time

    What to look forward to after class.

    We encourage you to explore these wonders on your own. You'll be hard-pressed to do it all!

    Food so good, it's hard not to try it all.

    The bread, the chorizo, the seafood, and of course, the famous pasteis de nata. Lisbon’s foodie scene is humming. Explore local cafes, indulge in a thousand different pastries, and then walk it off on the beautifully cobbled streets.


    A gateway to Europe and beyond.

    Lisbon is extremely well connected, both internally, and to other European cities. As the Age of Discovery birthplace, and ranking at 19 out of 140 countries for infrastructure and transport, you can trust getting around will be effortless. Paris for a long weekend? Totally doable.


    Visit all 7 Wonders of Portugal.

    Wander through the colorful castles of Sintra, explore endless cathedrals, or the super modern art galleries and museums. Lisbon’s clash of old-world and new, grit and grace means that the arts and culture scene crackles with young energy.


    Sun and sea.

    Lisbon's endless summer is every sun-seeker's dream. Soak up the sun while listening to traditional Fado at a city square, watch the sunset over Lisbon from a buzzing lookout point, hit the beaches, and tour the coast to make the most of it.


    Architectural gems from every century.

    Famously tiled buildings, narrow cobbled streets, noisy street trams, and steep hills gives the architecture in Lisbon its dramatic feel. The new economic boom also means that it’s undergoing a serious transformation, while retaining its rustic character.

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    Take a tour of your new home.

    Our world-class operations will keep you safe while abroad, so you can focus on exploring.
    Exclusive, community living
    Stay in a massive hostel for the exclusive use of iX students only.
    Build community in amazing common areas: kitchen, study space, rec room, and outdoor garden.
    Learn, in beauty
    Live and learn next to superb restaurants (and ice cream!) in the heart of the city.
    Rest easy knowing you're in one of the top-20 safest cities in the world, with world-class hospitals and infrastructure.
    A lifestyle unlike any other
    Take after-class vacations: beaches, forests, or castles are just a short Uber ride away.
    Build a life within walking distance of breathtaking viewpoints, phenomenal parks, and vibey nightlife.
    Cost of living
    Access to other countries
    Access to nature
    Music scene

    Unfortunately, Lisbon is closed for Summer 2021.

    Check out Oahu, Hawaii instead