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    Your questions,

    Why do students apply for iX Career Semester?

    Great question! Students apply to iX Career Semester for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that we offer you the opportunity to "trial" something you're passionate about, in an ambitious environment with other smart people, where you can really go out of your comfort zone and grow personally and professionally. You can gain invaluable career perspective, and map out a clearer path for yourself.

    iX Career Semester also gives you impressive skills and an internship that has tangible deliverables that will make you a unique candidate in future job interviews. The value of the program is more about the specific experience you can gain, rather than just getting an internship for the sake of it.

    Is submitting an application binding?

    No, submitting an application is not binding. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by our Admissions Team and a decision will be released – usually within a week. If accepted, you will have some time to decide whether you would like to commit to the program by paying a deposit. Throughout the application and admissions process, you can always schedule a time to speak with someone on the Admissions Team about any questions you may have.

    Is there an application fee?

    No. Because our mission is to promote access and inclusivity, there is no fee to apply.

    What's the schedule like?

    iX Career Semester Remote programs are designed to be taken concurrently with a university course load. Our live classes take place between 6pm and 8pm ET. If you miss a class, there are recordings and additional make-up classes that you can attend to cover the material. The attendance requirement is not hard-and-fast, just keep in contact with your instructor about what will work best for you.

    The internship portion has also been designed to have a flexible schedule. You'll coordinate with your manager what hours would work for you, and then stick to a schedule you both agree to.

    How much will I have to prepare before I start the program?

    Approximately 15 hours of pre-work will be sent to you before the program starts. This is to ensure that you hit the ground running on day one.

    Who will I be taught by? Why is the teaching style unique?

    You will be taught by industry professionals with academic backgrounds. The Teaching Teams are invested in your learning, use real-world examples relating to their own experiences and are extremely hands-on. They are passionate about the course material, which is shown through their continuous support, check-ins with students, and encouragement throughout.

    How does the online learning at iX differ from university online learning?

    The most important difference is that our classes are run as close-knit seminars, capped at 25-30 students. That means that you'll get to know your teachers and classmates as individuals, receive personalized support, and engage in class discussions—rather than just sitting in a massive lecture hall or watching a large streamed class.

    Another key difference is the integration with industry. You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills early on and encouraged to use them in a real-world setting when your internship starts. The structuring of the program allows you to experience the daily life of real professionals within industry. The Teaching Team is extremely knowledgeable, both academically and professionally, and are always available to help you.

    How is the pace of class compared to university?

    The pace of the class is fast, but you'll have a lot of support and flexibility to adjust the intensity based on your other commitments. While a lot of content is covered in the first few weeks in order to equip you with the skills necessary to excel in your internship, we're committed to ensuring all students are able to make the most of the experience.

    How are the group work and assignments?

    Fun, informative and valuable. Our students come from many different backgrounds and parts of the world, which gives each student the opportunity to learn from one another and gain new perspectives and insights. The group work and assignments also prepare you for the internship, where you will be required to work collaboratively in a team as well.

    How is the class engagement?

    The level of class engagement between the Teaching Teams and students fosters an environment that makes learning very rewarding. Due to the online nature of the class, the Teaching Teams make an extra effort to engage with the students themselves and encourage engagement between one another. Icebreakers and Breakout Rooms are used throughout the program, as it is a great way to foster engagement and peer learning.

    Will I be able to build connections with my classmates?

    Yes, absolutely! The Teaching Teams ensure that the class setting is as collaborative as possible throughout the program. iX Career Semester also encourages a lot of team/group work where students can work together on homework and assignments. There is also a dedicated Slack group for each class where students can communicate with each other outside of the virtual classroom.

    How does the placement process work for my guaranteed internship?

    1. iX sources companies

    During the year, our education team recruits and vets companies for our internship partner network. These companies are chosen based on their ability to provide a project at the right level, and their ability to dedicate management time to provide you and your fellow students guidance during your time at the company. We work with our partner companies to design projects that match your class's curriculum so you're able to deliver high-impact work.

    2. You preference companies

    When you arrive at iX, your teaching team will introduce you to the available companies and project brief. You'll be given an opportunity to research the companies, evaluate the project brief, and express your placement preferences. Because our partner network and curricula evolve from year to year, we can't release a list of partner companies and project briefs before your arrival. The companies shown in our marketing materials are those we've worked with in the past.

    3. Your teachers match you *

    After you submit your preferences to your teachers during the program, your teachers will make the match. The matches are based on student preferences, but since it's unlikely that everyone will receive their top preference, teachers also take into account effort and performance in class, your demonstrated ability to be a good teammate, and your company industry preferences.

    * Please note the exact placement process may differ depending on the unique circumstances in your specific class.

    What does the day-to-day look like for the internship portion?

    For a few days every week, you will work on your internship project, both in your internship team as well as individually. You will have regular check-ins on your progress with your internship project from your Teaching Assistant, who will also be on hand to answer any questions you might have. Additionally, you will continue to have weekly classes in the virtual classroom with your Head Teachers, your Teaching Assistants, and all your course classmates. Your manager at your internship company will also check in with your team every week - together with your Teaching Assistant - to answer questions you might have about your internship project, as well as to check on the direction that your project is taking and brainstorm with your team any challenges you might be having.

    What is the biggest takeaway from the internship?

    Personal and professional growth. The internship teaches you how to communicate effectively with coworkers, peers, and senior management. It also teaches you how to communicate and interact with team members via Zoom, as well as how to use your newly-learned skills to create, solve and implement impactful projects and solutions. Other big takeaways from the internship are increased confidence in yourself, impressive public speaking and presentation skills, experiencing the real world of work and much more.

    What if I don’t like my placement?

    As your experience is a learning/working blend, there will be constant communication channels available to all students. Mentors, teaching staff, and our team are all on hand, ready to help resolve any issues as they arise in a way that encourages growth and satisfaction for both students and partner companies.

    We work closely with both the students and our partner companies to provide an immersive real-world experience. We value our partner relationships, and look to strengthen these bonds by trying to solve a problem rather than running away from it.

    Can I switch companies in the middle?

    Due to the time limitation of the program, and because our partner companies structure projects accordingly, students are unable to switch placements halfway through.

    Will I be supported during my internship experience?

    Absolutely. This is what makes iX Semester unique. During your internship, you’ll spend some time back in the classroom with your teaching team, ensuring that you’re able to meet your deliverables and that you continue building on the skills you acquired during your course.

    What are some of the biggest challenges of the internship component?

    Starting a new work experience is a challenge in itself. The first couple of days are always hard when trying to find your feet in an unfamiliar environment.

    Some of the challenges past students have faced are: receiving a lot of information to synthesize, having to learn new tools to get portions of your project done, receiving an open-ended project outline with little background information, minimal communication with your manager, and figuring out the best way to distribute the workload over such a short period.

    Remember, challenges and constraints create the best learning experience. Knowing how to overcome challenges in the workplace makes you a more valuable employee and prepares you well to have a successful career.

    The Education Team is devoted to supporting you through any challenges you may encounter to ensure you have the support needed to overcome your challenges.

    Will the internship vary from company to company?

    Yes, practical projects will vary from company to company, according to their needs and client requests at the time.

    This not only provides an exciting opportunity to positively impact a company by exercising what you have learned, but also to gain work experience in an area that interests you. We give you exposure to a variety of different companies, so you're sure to find work that aligns with your abilities, skillset and career goals.

    To get the most value out of the internship experience, we require companies to structure projects around the relevant curriculum outline as well as the student outcomes/abilities document. This guarantees that projects match the skill sets of students, meet the desired project standards, and are completed on time.

    That being said, this is the real world and every experience will be structured in a different way based on how the company operates.

    Fees & aid
    How does financial aid at iX work?

    iX has a need-blind admissions policy, which means we don't consider an applicant's financial situation when making their admissions decision. If you indicate that you'll be applying for aid in the application, you'll have the opportunity to fill out a separate financial aid application after you submit. We grant aid based on an applicant's demonstrated need, which is calculated based on their family income and a variety of other factors.

    If your university has a partnership with iX Career Semester, you will need to apply for financial aid through the university study abroad office, if you are not automatically considered.

    If we are not in a financial aid partnership with your university, you may apply for aid through iX Career Semester. Do note that if at a later date, a financial aid partnership is established between iX Career Semester and your university, we may revoke aid granted as you then qualify with your university study abroad office.

    Keep in mind, that if your deposit has been paid, your spot in the program is secured, regardless of whether your financial aid decision has been released. All financial aid decisions should be released before your deposit becomes due on the program.

    If you have any questions about financial aid, please use the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen and our Admissions Team will direct you to the right person.

    Should I apply if my parents' household income is above $100,000?

    There is no official income cut-off for financial aid eligibility. Since eligibility for need-based financial aid is determined by many factors, including the family’s income, family size and number of children in college, we encourage you to apply if you are concerned about your ability to pay.

    What does family household income include?

    Family income includes both taxed and untaxed income. Total income is based on the Adjusted Gross Income listed on the federal tax return plus all untaxed income (ie. tax-deferred pension contributions, social security benefits, child support received, tax exempt interest). In cases of divorced or separated families, the incomes from both parents are considered in determining total family income.

    Will an additional outside scholarship affect my award?

    Yes, additional scholarships may affect the award given to you by iX. We will ask you to disclose any other awards you've received before we grant your aid.

    I don't think I qualify for aid, but I'm self-funding my education. Can I still apply for financial aid?

    Yes, you need to speak to our Admissions Team for possible financial aid assistance. Speak with us directly using the chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

    How will my financial aid be disbursed?

    If you are awarded financial aid, it will be deducted from your overall program fee.

    Do you offer full financial aid or scholarships?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer full financial aid scholarships. Our current financial aid and scholarship structure allows us to provide a greater degree of inclusivity than if we were to offer fewer, full scholarships.

    If you're a student – although iX cannot in any way guarantee this – you might be able to source funding from your university even if we are not currently in a financial aid partnership. Some past students have managed to secure some form of subsidization by approaching their faculty head, study abroad office, or career advisor. We highly recommend speaking with your university advisors about any opportunities that may exist inside or outside of your university. If you apply for external funding, we will be happy to provide you with any documentation you might need.

    Where can I look for additional scholarships?

    If you're looking for additional funding and you're a student, we'd suggest reaching out to your university. Although we are an external program, some of our past students have secured some form of subsidization from their faculty heads or other funds on campus. We'll provide you with all the documentation you'll need for funding applications that we may be eligible for. We've had a few students who, through their own efforts, managed to secure complete funding for the program.

    More questions?

    Our Career Advisors are ready to help. Schedule a time and we'll give you a call.

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    Dates and deadlines.

    Program dates

    Fall 2021: September 20 – December 9 *

    Spring 2022: Dates will be announced soon.

    * There will be no official schedule during Thanksgiving, besides your ongoing internship work.

    During each week of the program, you'll participate in your online course and internship at a schedule that is manageable with your existing college workload.

    Application deadlines  

    Early Decision Deadline: August 26, 2021

    Final Deadline: Accepting last applications up until September 15, 2021

    Our programs are filling up fast—apply soon to increase your chance of admission and access to financial aid.

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