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    Dive into Management Consulting
    in just 10 days.

    Dive into Management Consulting
    in just 10 days.

    Take a live online course with industry experts.
    Complete a real-world project for your resume.
    Aug 16 - 28. Remote, or in Hawaii.
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    Download a brochure for an in-depth look at iX's Management Consulting program.
    Included in the brochure:
    Details of all inclusions and benefits.
    Course curriculum and applications.
    Travel and career coaching options.
    Alumni success stories.
    Lilly Chadwick, Management Consulting Alum
    Student at Princeton University
    "This class was one of the most rewarding classes I have ever taken, and I honestly could not have asked for a better teacher. Figuring out my career path now seems a little less daunting thanks to the teaching team."

    Our Management Consulting alumni have gone on to work at

    First, build an in-depth, practical skill set.

    iXperience classes prepare you to create value with just a few weeks of intensive learning.
    Problem definition
    Apply the SMART criteria to potential client problems to create alignment on the exact problem to be solved.
    Problem structuring
    Decompose the problem definition into mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive sub-questions.
    Outline the activities, timing and responsibility that are needed per prioritised deliverable and update.
    Fact-based varied analysis
    Identify actionable insights through key quantitative and qualitative techniques.
    Presentation skills
    Develop client-ready slides and deliver them in a compelling way.
    Quick iteration
    Draft a first version of work quickly and improve it through multiple rounds of feedback

    Then, apply your skills towards a real client project.

    Get a taste of what it's like to apply your skills in the real world, while strengthening your resume.

    Investing in literacy

    Example project you may work on

    Your client is a global philanthropic organisation. For decades, they have invested millions of dollars in literacy projects across Africa. There has been a change of leadership at the charity, and they are looking to refresh their strategy. Working in groups, your task is to help them develop their overall and issue area-specific theory of change and theory of action, and design a new strategy for how they spend their money. Part of this new strategy requires a focus on effective governance and evaluation of impact.

    Experience the future of learning, work, and travel.

    Take this course with other students from our campus in Oahu, Hawaii.

    Learn more Watch the video

    Expert teachers who care about you as an individual.

    We limit class sizes and empower teachers to give individualized support and feedback to every student. You’ll gain invaluable perspective, and a mentor who will advise you throughout the program.
    Byron Ascott-Evans
    Former Engagement Manager @ McKinsey & Co.

    The course matters because the world and it’s problems are becoming increasingly complex. We need smart people to solve those problems - people with an advanced problem-solving toolkit. That is exactly what we will teach in this program. The whole time, students will be supported by the iX teaching team.

    How iX Pre-Semester works.

    10 days of intensive class over two weeks.
    Program details
    August 16-28, 2021. Classes Monday - Friday.
    Live online classes from 3pm-5pm EST.
    3-4 hours of homework every week day.
    Certificate of bootcamp completion.
    Lifetime access to the iX alumni network.
    (Hawaii Travel add-on only): Inspiring lifestyle, everyday. Surf, hike, snorkle, explore. Learn more.

    iX Pre-Semester is an intensive learning experience designed to help you start Fall with serious momemtum, ahead of recruiting season.

    For the first week, you'll focus primarily on picking up new industry-relevant skills at a rapid pace. The second week, following a weekend break, will focus primarily on applying your skills to a real world project that you can add to your resume and discuss in job interviews.

    Unlike many other online programs, you'll have support from your teachers and teaching assistants throughout the day so you're never stuck on a problem for too long.

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    The most inspiring way to learn online.

    iX courses focus on rigor, engagement, and community.
    Rigorous & practical
    Your class projects will be connected to industry, in a format that you can show future employers.
    You'll have class daily, along with in-depth readings and assignments that will challenge you to learn quickly.
    Small class sizes
    We cap classes at 30 students, which means you'll get to know your classmates and teachers individually.
    We teach engaging, live seminar-style classes—not massive, streamed lectures. Expect lots of discussion and group work.
    Frequent feedback
    Your head teacher and TAs will review your work and give you actionable feedback to improve.
    They'll also provide guidance and support for your project, helping you achieve more than you could in ordinary working environments.

    Earn a certificate and showcase your work.

    You can share your Course Certificates in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.
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    Max Martin
    Yale University

    "iXperience was a one-of-a-kind learning immersion. I gained experience and knowledge in ways I never had before. I can now say that I have incredible new skills and have used what I learned to make an impact at a startup company in Cape Town."

    from our alumni.

    Tevyn Fudge
    Duke University

    This program has been one of the best experience's of my life. I'm fortunate to have been a part of a fun, helpful community that taught me so much in such a short span of time. I highly recommend the Management Consulting course for anyone who wants learn how to be an effective team member at any organization.

    Christopher Huang

    From performing market analyses using Porter’s Five Forces, to understanding how we are positioned within the market using STP mapping, to developing dynamic financial models, the consulting course has prepared me to address a wide range of business problems with confidence.

    Panyakorn Rakpanitmanee

    For consulting we had to to be able to analyze data like a data scientist, create a PowerPoint deck like a designer, do excel modeling like a broker. For me, this aspect of the course, in addition to an awesome instructor and TAs, makes every class so enjoyable.

    Liam Collins
    University of Hong Kong

    Our teacher, Anton, created a dynamic that really inspired me to perform and to squeeze every bit of learning and enjoyment out of this course - our final project wouldn't have been the same without his drive.

    Dina Sokol
    Emory University

    The class has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but in a good way. I have worked with many different people who come from different backgrounds and experience levels.

    Tuition, Aid, and Early Access

    Since 2014, iX has dispersed more than $2 million in financial aid to enable access to our programs. Don't miss the Early Access tuition subsidies.

    Learn more

    Dates and deadlines.

    Program dates

    August 16 - 28, 2021.

    Classes Monday - Friday, 3pm-5pm EST.

    Daily homework, which should take about 2-4 hours.

    Pre-Semester Spring 2022 dates will be announced soon.

    Application deadlines

    August 5 - Final Deadline: Admission for remaining places.

    We cannot guarantee there will be places available in your first-choice, thus we encourage you to apply soon if interested.


    Download a brochure for an in-depth look at iX's Management Consulting program.
    Included in the brochure:
    Details of all inclusions and benefits.
    Course curriculum and applications.
    Travel and career coaching options.
    Alumni success stories.

    Ready to get ahead?

    We encourage you to apply soon, as spots are competitive. We're excited to get to know you.
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