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"Brandon said he learned more in a month than he could've imagined learning in a year at school."

— Gail Taleisnik, Univ. of Michigan Parent

Parents love us.

This page is for you.

We know that as a parent, sending your child across the globe can be daunting. We've created this page to give you important information about iXperience to ease any concerns you might have. Our promise to parents is to make student success, safety and education quality our main priorities during their experience abroad.

In the past, parents have visited their kids during the iXperience program and had incredible experiences getting to see what we are about. Watch this video to see what past parents had to say when they visited us.

Our alumni thrive in the real world.

iXperience is an investment in your child's success.

Zack chauvin
Engineer at Facebook
Harvard '15
Sabra meretab
Analyst at Morgan Stanley
Stanford '16
Cameron cross
Consultant at Bain
UVa '16

Other alumni are now working at:

Inesha premaratne

Harvard '15, iX '14

Analyst at BCG
Analyst at BCG
Oscar wang

Duke '16, iX '15

Developer at Uber
Developer at Uber
Phoebe brown

Princeton '16, iX '15

Analyst at Ernest & Young
Analyst at Ernest & Young
Alex struck

UVa '16, iX '14

Analyst at McKinsey
Analyst at McKinsey
Aryan chhabria

Brown '16, iX '15

Engineer at Google
Engineer at Google
Alex tenn

Yale '16, iX '14

Analyst at Blackrock
Analyst at Blackrock
Kate ernst

UMich '17, iX '15

Developer at Apple
Developer at Apple
Rachel lee

Stanford '17, iX '15

Biz Dev at Upstart
Biz Dev at Upstart

The most valuable things I learned are those that can't be taught at school.

Zack Chauvin, Harvard 2017, iX 2014

Information to put your mind at ease.

World class education

Students learn from leading industry experts, in state-of-the-art classrooms 5 minutes from iX Lodging. Our intensive, outcomes-based approach includes:

  • 160+ hours of learning
  • Daily workshops, projects, and after-class workshops
  • Intensive, hands-on classes capped at 25 students
  • Personalized career and resume counseling

A network of the world's best

iXperience attracts the most brilliant, motivated students from the globe's top universities. This ensures that classes are filled with intellectual discussion and constant learning. After iXperience, we cultivate an engaged international alumni community where students share their personal and professional successes with each other.

Some of our alumni have even started companies together!

Alumni Universities (%)

A commitment to diversity

We're proud of the kinds of people we bring together each year. With hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships granted, we try to help anyone who is hardworking and driven have the experience of a lifetime. We also do our best to balance our classes in gender and ethnicity.


in financial aid and scholarships granted

We operate in safe, inspiring cities

We choose our cities not only because they're breathtaking and culturally rich, but because they each provide a safe environment for student learning.

We know there are always more questions.

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Why should your kids have all the fun?

We were overwhelmed by the number of parents who came to visit their kids last year, and inspired by the experience they shared with their children.