Welcome to the Limitless Network.

A unique ambassador program for iX Alumni who want to continue their growth and journey with us.

An ambassador program. But 10x more powerful.

We believe in the power of experiences to shape lives, and are building a hand-picked network of iX Alumni who believe what we do, too.

You are not just an ambassador.
You are an iX Mentor.

Traditional ambassador programs suck. So we've redesigned its role and purpose.

As a Mentor in the Limitless Network, you will go on epic experiences, learn new things about yourself, others, and the world, and ultimately help us grow iX's impactful mission, globally.

Hear from our recent iX Mentors in training.

(Captured by Filmmaker Nelis Botha at iX Location in Costa Rica, November 2021)
Ram Patel, from UMich
Connect with Ram on LinkedIn
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Ram Patel, from UMich
Connect with Ram on LinkedIn
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Kiln Chen, from UPenn
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Maya Murphy, from Carleton
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When you become a Mentor, you gain access to the Limitless Expansion Series.

3 thrilling global experiences over 4-6 months.

Grow as a

Our Limitless Expansion series is designed to change, inspire and empower you to grow as an iX Mentor, leader, ambassador and human being.

the world.

It includes a powerful series of experiences for you to travel the world with iX, to learn about yourself, develop your leadership skills, and become a valuable representative for iX on your campus.

Expenses paid
(excluding flights).

These immersion and training experiences are all fully paid for (airport transfers, food, accommodation, facilitation, excursions). You just need to cover your flights to and from the location.

Meet some of our new iX Mentors :)

Fara Islam

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From UVA

Ryan Lee

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From UPenn

Angelica Arizmendi

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From TCL

Fara Islam

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From UVA

What’s in it for you.

Invitations & Networks

Gain invitations to 3 Expansion Series training sessions in epic locations such as Mexico, Costa Rica and the US. Build amazing networks with people from all over the world.

Work Experience

Grow your work experience and onboarding as a valued Mentor and representative of iX.

Exclusive access

Get exclusive access to limitlessnetwork.ixperience.co – a private social network and content hub for all ambassadors.

Experiences and events

Take advantage of exclusive iX-designed experiences and events to help you grow from student to leader.

Personalized coaching

Experience personalized coaching and support from senior iX Staff leaders.

Career opportunities

Harness network-only career opportunities.

Your responsibilities.

We have developed a framework for you to succeed in this role on your campus. However, we know every campus is different, and you’ll also be given the freedom to work with us on new and exciting ideas. Here’s an overview of what you will be responsible for in this role.
  • Ambassadors will be given a goal of recruiting 5-6 iX Summer students (online or abroad)

  • Join our virtual Spring semester online training events on January 18 and 20, 2022. This is an amazing opportunity to meet other Mentors, develop a clear understanding of iX and our marketing system, and kick off strategy sessions. You'll also be invited  to join the weekend travel training experiences during February and later on in 2022.

  • Work with iX's marketing and design team to develop a bespoke marketing strategy for your campus. You'll identify the networks you have and the content you’d need for those. We work with you to get the content created so you can execute on your strategy. You’ll be tasked with coming up with ideas for marketing strategies that work on your campus.

  • Attend bi-weekly 1:1 sessions with a community team representative to catch up, share insights, review strategy and decide on next steps – 2x 1-hour 1:1 meetings per month.  

  • Join 1 monthly meeting with the ambassador team to discuss learnings, opportunities and wins and network with other like-minded individuals.

  • As we evolve, your feedback is invaluable to us! We'll periodically ask you to provide feedback and insights to the iX Community, Marketing and Product teams to help us build the best education and learning experiences in the world. In our 1:1s, please provide us with 4-5 points of feedback about key insights you are gaining through this experience. What is working on your campus? 

  • 1-2 hours of ambassador work per week over the spring semester. 


We do not expect you to put in effort without any reward. We have certain financial remuneration structures in place to ensure you are compensated for the work you do.
  1. Referral Based Compensation (amounts listed below are simply examples of the earning potential) 
    • Each mentor will be tasked with bringing in 5-6 iX Summer students - online or abroad.
    • You receive 3% of each students total tuition paid. 
    • For the abroad program, students would be paying $7995.
      • $20 per accepted application.
      • 3% (your earnings per paid attendee, calculated as a percentage of their program fee) of $7,975 = $239
      • Total per application + deposit = $259
      • Total earned for 6 students = $1,554 (excluding task-based incentive payments).
    • For the online program the maximum a student can pay is $2,490.
      • $20 per accepted application
      • 3% (your earnings per paid attendee, calculated as a percentage of their program fee) of $2,470 = $75
      • Total per application + deposit = $95
      • Total earned for 6 students online = $570 (excluding task-based incentive payments).
  1. Incentive Compensation: (Incentives increase based on the number of students you bring in – no limit to your incentive amount)
    • $100 bonus if you only hit 3 attendees
    • $300 bonus if you hit your 6 attendees
    • Overachiever bonuses – we have ad hoc overachiever incentives for ambassadors exceeding expectations.
  1. In total, including the full bonus amount, you can stand to earn up to $2000+ by simply referring students to the program. Obviously this number can be way higher. We have had mentors bring in upwards of 20 students, and as you can see, the earnings are substantial. 

How this looks on your resume / LinkedIn profile.

This opportunity is designed to expotentially develop you personally and professionally. Internally, you'll be known as a Mentor, and will have a formalized employment agreement with iXperience.

Externally, on your LinkedIn for example, you can represent yourself as a Business Development Intern or Ambassador. Here is an example of a past Mentor, and how they portrayed their experience on LinkedIn.

Apply today for the next intake.

Places in the programs are very limited. Please apply soon to avoid missing out. The written application takes about 20-25 minutes, whereafter we will be in touch for an interview to determine your fit.

We accepted a limited number of spots as the network as a capped size for 2021-22. If this opportunity resonates with you, please don't delay your application.

Meet us!

We're excited to get to know you better during the application process.
Tyler Evans
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Vice President of Community

"I'm responsible for our alumni and on-campus channels. Surrounded by an awesome team at iX and my community team, thrives off deep connections with our alumni and supports alums on their path to success. Relationships and networks are something I’m truly passionate about and have got me to where I am today. My goal is to build a powerful alumni network that adds major value to our network's lives, and in turn, supports our vision at iXperience."

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Jaryd Cohen
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Community Manager

"I work closely alongside Tyler ensuring that we are able to add as much value as possible to our networks. We work passionately to make sure that we avoid a transactional environment and that our alumni become a part of something much larger than ever imagined. Travel has shaped me as a person and I've gained so much perspective through the people and places I've visited over the years. If not in the office, you can find me either surfing, fishing, or looking for the best Ramen spot in Cape Town."

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