Our purpose is
to serve and
guide others.

Conscious leadership.
Exponential thinking.

Every team at iX is led by a visionary who is passionate about personal growth and education. Learn more about how each one thinks and leads.

Aaron Fuchs

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

"At first, iX was a passion project, then it became a profitable business, and has since shifted into something bigger. We have a significant responsibility to create something that impacts people's lives, whether it's the students who use the products we deliver, or our employees and the experience they have in the business."

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Rafi Khan

Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer

"The effective use of technology is very uncommon in traditional education companies, and at iX we prioritize making every aspect of our internal operations tech driven, and question how we can use technology to amplify the work we do."

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James McKay

Chief Operating Officer

“I believe that all people inherently have greatness within them and my higher purpose in this life is to help others discover and access this greatness. iXperience’s purpose has a similar intent and this motivates me to realise our Lifelong Learning strategy.”

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West Wilkinson

SVP of Sales

"I push myself to live by a simple mantra, “The Best Way To Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing”. This Walt Disney quote has shaped how I lean into life and inspire those around me to make each day count. With powerful habits and a collaborative culture we have the ability to impact the world."

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Nicola Weaver

Chief Academic Officer

"Education isn't just about the classroom; it's a complex combination of learning from experts, experience, work and the environment. Learning happens constantly, and seeing the opportunities around us all the time is how we learn the most valuable skill of all: innovation."

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Seth Fuchs

SVP of Marketing

"I’m passionate about bringing our brand and product to life through inspiring storytelling that deeply connects with an ever-changing market. We come to work every day energized to tell the iX story in distinct and extraordinary ways – the incredible stories of our students, our teachers, our partners, and our employees."

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Amber Ireland

SVP of People

"We believe that everyone has limitless potential, and the power of working in a business with such diverse and remarkably talented people makes the iX team something special! Our people get equal opportunity to learn and grow each and every day. They do what they love and work as a unit embracing the iX DNA of being creative, courageous, consistent and having a collective consciousness."

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An experienced board with a vast network.

Our executive team is supported and guided by a highly-accomplished board with decades of experience managing and scaling companies.

Jonny Broomberg

CEO, Vitality Health International Chairman

Glen Scorgie

Joint CEO, Caleo Private Equity

Clive Butkow

CEO, Kalon Venture Partners

Larry Katz

MD, Komen Capital

Capital to help scale our impact.

We've partnered with two world-class South African investment firms to expand our product range and reach more students.

Caleo Private Equity is a relationship-focused investment management and advisory firm. We provide growth capital to start-ups and operating companies in South Africa and abroad. Our approach combines private equity practices with conscious investing and flexible structuring. We are industry agnostic and have extensive experience in real estate, financial services, and special situations.


Kalon Venture Partners is one of the leading South African venture capital funds set up to invest in digital disruptive technology. Kalon Venture Partners is led by the most dynamic and well-experienced team in the South African venture capital space, with a combined 200 years of experience. Kalon Venture Partners invests in post-revenue start-ups with high growth and high impact potential. The Kalon Venture Partner fund invests in entrepreneurs solving African problems with the potential for global application, focusing on providing smart capital as well as on delivering smart returns.


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