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A unique career exploration programme
that boosts your university application.

Offered as an extracurricular in partnership with:

iX LaunchPad is an online career exploration programme for ambitious high school students.

Live-taught by industry professionals, with in-class projects from global companies.
The programme has one purpose:

To help you get into a top university by equipping you with relevant skills and practical experience.

We are offering in the following subjects from 20 September to 13 October:

"After graduating from Yale, we founded iX to help young students unlock their potential."

Aaron Fuchs

From South Africa 🇿🇦

Yale 2010

Rafi Khan

From United States 🇺🇸

Yale 2015

The basics.


To be eligible for this experience, you need to be between the ages of 15 and 18, and be a student as one of the GEMS Education group of schools.


There are two package options available:

1. Basic: $249
2. Premium $ 599.

How to enroll.

Complete the simple application form and payment process.

Free application.

Structure and dates.

The GEMS programmes are run in two formats: as an extracurricular activity during the term, and as a holiday bootcamp. During the term, the programme runs for four weeks, with two one-hour classes per week on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. We also have a holiday programme which runs on a shorter timetable. Keep checking back for more details.

Term one course dates:  
Session 1: 20 September - 13 October
Session 2: 25 October - 18 November

This isn't your typical extracurricular activity.

iX LaunchPad gives you your first taste of the world of work. Integrated into your class is a real-world micro-internship style project from a global company.

Join a powerful 3000+ alumni network building successful careers globally.

The entire experience – from being a part of the sessions with the teachers and being able to learn through healthy discussion with my peers, to working in a group and tackling weekly assignments and then the final presentation – was a journey well travelled.

Bhagya Shri

GEMS Westminster School of Sharjah

74% of iX alumni have attended the top 50 universities, including:

Get ready to thrive at university.

iX LaunchPad gives you perspective and experience in a possible career path. Not only does this programme make you stand out, it'll help you select the right path in university where you can thrive.

iX Co-Founder: Rafi Khan

What you will have after the program.

iX LaunchPad is the fastest way to accelerate your career as a high school student.


  • Learn data, software, business, or design.

  • Live, online classes taught by industry experts.

  • Small classes capped at 30 students.

  • Continuous support from highly-experienced TAs.


  • Guaranteed internship in line with your class topic.

  • Build a global professional network.

  • Create a comprehensive project for your resume. 

  • Constant support from dedicated teachers & TAs. 


  • Explore the world with like-minded students.

  • Immersive experiences
    and events.

  • Safe, COVID-compliant housing and operations.

  • Live the remote working
    & learning dream.

Students ❤️ iX.

Want to join iX LaunchPad?
Limited programme spaces remaining.

Session 1: 20 Sep - 13 Oct
Session 2: 25 Oct - 18 Nov
No prior knowledge or experience required, but bring your ambition,
curiosity, and desire to be successful.
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GEMS students receive automatic admission to iX LaunchPad.

Which career exploration programme
excites you the most?

Skills you’ll learn.

Mechanics of blockchain

Understanding blockchain use

Recognise app tech

How crypto uses blockchain

Sourcing data

Limits of blockchain

Taught by industry professionals.

Chandler de Kock

Growth Strategist at UMA

Chad Daya

Blockchain Researcher

Skills you’ll learn.

How UX helps industry

The art of design

Understanding users

UX terminology


UX Research

Taught by industry professionals.

Ángela Ávila Peiró

Communications & Publicity

Ciera Okere

Product Designer, Stanford

Skills you’ll learn.

SMART goals

80/20 rule


Synthesis vs summary

Decision-making tools



Skills you’ll learn.

Tech behind the internet

What web devs do

Use tools like Github

Dev, coding, styling & integration

Data transfer, HTTP, APIs

Work with leading companies and startups.

Get your first taste of the world of work. Integrated into your class is a real-world project from a company in our network. This project can be represented on your resume as "micro-internship".


Axians is a global information and communications technology company, keeping the world connected through telecommunications, cloud and data centre infrastructure, enterprise networks, digital workspaces, business applications and data analytics, and cyber security.


Investec exists to create enduring worth for their stakeholders: clients, people and the communities in which they operate. 
Their journey is one of organic growth and strategic acquisitions, from a small finance company in South Africa in 1974 to an international organisation.


iNaturalist is one of the most popular citizen science data portals in the world. It’s a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society. One of the world’s most popular nature apps, iNaturalist helps people identify the plants and animals around them.

Past partners include:

Gain a certification and resume that will impress future universities and employers.

iX LaunchPad is backed by leading institutions.

I’ve learned that recruiters skip the education section in a resume and go straight to the skills section. The ability to apply skills is a measure of how successful a young person will be in the workplace. It has been a joy working with iX LaunchPad over the last six months, and we look forward to the next six years.

Matt Tompkins

Director of Student Employability

iX LaunchPad helps light our students' way through engagement with leading professionals and hands-on experiences in fields they might not have otherwise encountered. It sparks our students' imaginations about their own forward paths.

Mickey Revenaugh

VP Business Development

The collaboration with iXperience has the potential to serve as a new model for higher education.

Ian Baucom

Dean of Arts & Science

Tuition package options.



  • Online bootcamp live-taught by industry professionals.

  • Complete a real-world micro-internship project.

  • Constant support from the teaching team for your project.

  • Access to a global network of students.

  • Access to other career courses.

  • A certificate of completion.



  • Everything in Scholar plus:

  • 3 hours of career coaching with one of iX's founders.

"I want to help you get into your dream university" Aaron Fuchs - CEO


See the impact of iX LaunchPad.


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