Exchange winter for a life-altering summer experience.

Exchange winter plans for summer.

Escape winter with a 2-week adventure abroad, and transform your future with career skills, hands-on experience and connections for life.
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Accelerate your future on a life-altering adventure.

Develop high-demand skills in immersive classes with like-minded students and industry experts. Gain invaluable hands-on experience on a real-world project for a highly relevant client. And enjoy summer for 2-weeks with a one-of-a-kind adventure abroad.

This could be you.

Expect the extraordinary when embarking on an iX experience.

Prepare for your perfect program.

Choose your course.

Forget classroom learning and theoretical lectures that don’t apply to your future. In an intensive 2-week course, you’re equipped with a highly relevant skill, applicable to any career path.

Pick an expert-led course in:

  • Data and Technology
  • Business and Finance
  • Design

Pick your destination.

Choose from one of our vibrant destinations known for their rich cultures, remarkable scenery and easy access to adventure. Whatever your choice, there’s one thing you can be sure of, that you’ll be on your way to an unforgettable experience.

I want to go here:

  • Cape Town
  • Costa Rica

Pack the right mindset.

Prepare to learn, to get hands-on experience and to embark on an adventure of a life time. When there’s work. Get stuck in. When there’s an opportunity to try something new. Do it. When there are connections to be made. Make as many as you can.

Why iX?

There's nothing quite like it.

Alex Tenn

Associate at BlackRock

"iX encouraged me to brainstorm an app to address a problem for which I had no previous background with and no operational know-how. As a mechanical engineering major at Yale, I had been exposed to technology and several programming languages but had never been encouraged to develop my own ideas into products."

Cameron Cross

Consultant at Bain & Co, HBS MBA candidate

"Reflecting on my recent interview experiences, I can point to 3 major reasons that iX is beneficial to aspiring young professionals of almost any career: You have the chance to learn and live a remarkably productive and healthy lifestyle; you will craft uniquely interesting and memorable stories for interviews; you will learn from brilliant and talented students, lecturers, and staff."

Bridget Scott

Digital Product Analyst at American Express

"The Product Management class could not have been more personally tailored to my needs: the ideal blend of marketing, psychology, tech, art, and business. I pitched ideas, fine-tuned my public speaking skills, and developed a product up to a high-fidelity clickable wireframe. It is definitely one of the most informative and enriching classes I have taken throughout my entire academic career."

Matt Klein

Equity Research Associate at Franklin Templeton

"Last summer I had a great experience working in corporate finance, and this summer I got to see a completely different side of the industry. Our teacher focused primarily on start up evaluation and taught us how to build efficient financial models to better assess investment risk. Today, I am working with a team of other iX students on a startup venture of our own. The startup has given me an environment to hone the skills I learned in the classroom."

Yaaseen Mahomed

University of Pennsylvania

"By constantly making connections between UX, Engineering, and customer value, the teaching team introduced me a new skill set that I would never have thought to look into. The interactive lessons truly affirmed my interest in the field, and gave me more confidence in managing a product to success."

Katie Player

Harvard University

"iXperience not only taught me the nuances of a career path I am strongly considering, but it allowed me to practice the skills that I learned. I have never gained so much confidence in such a short time. I now feel fully prepared to enter the recruiting process."

Work hard. Play hard.

Make every minute count during this once in a lifetime experience.

Own the morning. Dive into the sunrise, surf at a local beach with a few of your classmates.


Grab coffee and get comfy for class. Today's about learning key frameworks in your industry.


Grab a delectable local-flavoured lunch, before heading for mid-day hike straight from the city.


Homework time – you and 3 classmates talk to locals to gather info for tomorrow's class pitch.


Celebrate another epic day with a group dinner, and get some rest in for tomorrow.

Rediscover the world again.

There's so much to be uncovererd.

Cape Town

Rated as one of the best cities, Cape Town is built around a breath taking, biodiverse landscape. It's the perfect place to learn and explore, with a low cost of living, rich history, diverse culture, and endless adventure from sunrise to sunset.

Jacó, Costa Rica

A dream destination in the Puntarenas region our Jaco campus is the only beachfront accommodation in town. Designed to reflect an authentic Costa Rica experience, our campus is surrounded by Miro’s Mountain, walking distance from the town’s main street, and close to a whole host of natural attractions.
The magic of iXperience is so powerful that it could create successful developers, consultants, bankers, or even astronauts if that's who its students wanted to be.

Your next big decision.

For any major, no pre-requisites.

Let's talk options.

Where will your adventure take you?

Program fee.

Jan 3 - 14 (2 weeks)
Includes the course, airport, transfer, housing, breakfast, client project deliverable, and excursions


Financial aid available

With coaching add-on.

Jan 3 - 14 (2 weeks)
Everything plus and immersive, 1:1 career coaching and mentorship program.


Financial aid available

Cape Town.

Jan 3 - 14 (2 weeks)
Includes the course, airport, transfer, housing, breakfast, client project deliverable, and excursions


Financial aid available


Jan 3 - 14 (2 weeks)
Everything in Apprentice plus and immersive, 1:1 career coaching and mentorship program.


Financial aid available

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