The global internship.

Add global work experience to your resume.

As part of your experience at iX, you'll work on a real-world project with a group of other students, guided by your expert teacher and TAs.


3000+ interns

placed globally.

200+ internship partners

around the world.

82% of our students in 2022

rated their experience a 9/10.

How the internship
is structured

Your iX internship is integrated with your course. Learning continues throughout the internship period to give you the support to complete the deliverables.

You’ll have office hours with your TAs and frequent opportunities to approach your Head Teacher with any challenges you encounter, so that any questions you have can be answered with a professional’s perspective.

Then, at the end of the program, you’ll present your internship deliverables to your class and your company manager.

First 2 weeks

Bootcamp classes.

The first two weeks of the program are purely class contact time.

  • Mon - Fri: Class only.

Next 4 weeks

Internship + bootcamp class.

The next four weeks of the program are a internship/class blend.

  • Mon/Wed/Fri: Internship only.

  • Tues/Thu: Morning classes, afternoon internship work.

Integrated with
your course.

Our internships don't require prior experience. That's because what you learn in class will connect directly with your internship project, so you'll be applying your new skills to create value.

Much more than
an internship.

In addition to the incredible students you’ll be working with, you’ll have a chance to build relationships with professionals at your internship company. This means you’ll make friends and colleagues in your host city, and expand your understanding of the global economy.


You'll meet frequently with your manager for check-ins, alignment, and feedback about your work. Your teaching team will be available throughout to support you with both subject matter and relationship management.

Your internship explorer.

See what global internships iX students have done in the past.

Results that speak for themselves.

Example resumes from students who've completed our programs.

Frequently asked

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Which company will I be interning with?

iX works with over 250 partner companies around the world as part of our internship program. From startups to NGOs, big corporates to non-profits, our internships are sourced from businesses of all sizes in an extremely broad range of industries and disciplines.

Naturally, because these internships are real-world, they change year on year depending on the business’ needs. It’s impossible to predict far ahead of time what innovative, forward-thinking companies will come up with next! As a result, we confirm projects right up to the start of the program, which is why the full list of finalized internships is only released to students when the program begins. That being said, the examples of previous years’ internships included in the info packs is a great illustration of what kind of work you can expect.

Do you have any advice on what I should consider or how to weigh up choosing between a paid and unpaid internship?

Paid versus unpaid internships is an important consideration. We fully appreciate that individual circumstances will be the final determining factor when making these decisions. That being said, iX internships are structured to be part of the course - they are not standalone experiences. The integration of learning and continuous support, as well as pre-program vetting and scoping, makes the outcomes of the internship much more clear and established than an independent internship at an outside company.

The iX internship is specifically designed to be a significantly more impactful learning opportunity, where working under the supervision of an industry professional maximizes the impact of the outcomes. Ultimately, the experience pays off down the line: with resume and LinkedIn support, interview coaching, collaborative working, defined outcomes, and a clear structure to the program, iX students are much more prepared for future interviews and recruitment drives. Many of our alumni go on to work at some of the world's biggest and most prestigious companies, and their testimonials about how iX helped shape their journeys into their careers speak for themselves.

How and when do I get placed in my internship?

In the first week of the program, you’ll receive the Internship Explorer, a document that outlines all of the internships available in your chosen course. You’ll have a few days to research the available companies, consider your options and discuss them with your TAs. Then, at the end of the first week, you’ll get a preference survey, where you’ll submit your top three choices to your teaching team.

Whether you’re placed in your first choice or not depends on a variety of factors, as in real life: demonstrated skill in class, engagement, quality of your homework submissions, work ethic, ability to work in a team and so on. Your teaching team is constantly assessing these factors in class. You’ll then receive your placement at the beginning of the second week, when you’ll be expected to convene with your team and begin planning for your kickoff meeting!

What will my weekly schedule look like?

For three days every week starting in the third week of your six-week trip, you will work on your internship project in your internship team as well as individually. You will have daily check-ins on your progress on your internship project from your dedicated Teaching Team mentor, who will also be on hand to answer any questions you might have. On two days a week, you will have class in the virtual classroom with your Head Teachers, as well as the Teaching Assistants and all your course classmates.

Twice a week, your manager at your internship company will check in with your team - together with your Teaching Team mentor - to answer questions you might have about your internship project, as well as to check on the direction that your project is taking, and brainstorm with your team any challenges you might be having.

How often will I meet with my manager?

In the week before the internships kick off, your TAs will guide you through doing introductions to your manager and setting up your first meeting. This could be in person or remote (depending on the nature of the project, the manager’s location and other factors).

In that first meeting, it’ll be up to you to negotiate how frequently you meet, where you meet, what your preferred communication channels are and other aspects of your working relationship. Communication is key! Ask lots of questions and don’t be afraid to negotiate your working situation with your manager. Just like in the real world.

Will my internship be in-person?

For students doing iX Summer Abroad in either Cape Town or Lisbon, you will have the choice of all available internship projects - in-city or remote. An in-city internship means that your manager is in your host city, and it’s up to you to negotiate in-person meetings. Remember, post-pandemic, many companies have shifted to a hybrid or fully remote work situation. You may encounter such companies in the internship options.

Remote and hybrid work doesn’t make the work experience any less valuable; it’s just a different style of working. “Hybrid” means some in-person meetings and some remote work, depending on what you negotiate with your manager.  If you choose a project with a company based outside of your host city, it will be entirely remote. In 2022, many of the abroad students ended up aligning their ambitions better with remote projects more than the in-city options, and so chose internships based on what would give them the best experience for their career ambitions. There’s no right or wrong here; it’s all down to what kind of experience you want to have.

What tools will I use to collaborate?

You’ll onboarded to the tools used by your host company, and integrated with their systems for communication and collaboration. Your iX Teaching Team mentor will check in with your team regularly on a Zoom conference call. You will also have a dedicated Slack channel with your Teaching Team mentor, who will respond to any queries on this channel within 12 hours.

Who will be in my internship team?

Based on who submits the same internship preferences as you and what placements your Teaching Team settles on, your internship group will be made up of 4-6 students in the same course as you. You’ll be working alongside your classmates, so collaboration is essential. Group dynamics can be tough to navigate, but this is part of the learning process! You’ll need to work together, lead together, ideate together and achieve together. A demonstrated ability to work in a team is a hugely valuable thing to talk about in a future job interview, so use this opportunity to really flex that skill.

How can I get help if my team is stuck?

There are a number of avenues for you to reach out for help if your team is stuck. You have daily check-ins with your dedicated Teaching Team mentor, as well twice-weekly check-ins from your company manager. You have a dedicated Teaching Assistant who will respond to any of your questions within 12 hours via your internship team’s Slack channel. And you can always reach out to the iX Internship Manager for any issues you might be experiencing, whether they have to do with your internship teamwork, or anything else.

Will I get a letter of recommendation from my manager after the internship?

Ideally, yes! Many of our students get letters of recommendation from their internship managers, but this is entirely at the discretion of the host company. The best way to ensure that you get one is to communicate effectively with your team and manager, be present and attentive in your meetings and achieve the goals set out for your group. An alternative to a letter of recommendation is a LinkedIn endorsement, which also goes a long way in the recruitment process. Impress your host company and doors will open up for you.

Is there a chance that my internship company will recruit me full time?

Many former iX students have been recruited by their iX internship companies immediately following the program. Because business needs change fast, and the most forward-thinking companies are always on the lookout for standout talent, there’s always a chance that an offer can come out of the internship.

It’s critical to note, though: iX does not have any hand in the recruitment of interns, and it’s done entirely at the company’s discretion, with no influence or discussion from iX’s side. The best way to maximize the chances of encountering a recruitment offer is to be a standout student who takes the lead and goes above and beyond!

Explore the Summer 2023 options.

Data Science & AI skills you’ll learn.

Coding in Python

Data Wrangling

Data Visualization

The Data Science Pipeline

Supervised Machine Learning

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Past instructors from:

Management Consulting skills you’ll learn.

Problem Definition

Problem Structuring


Fact-based Varied Analysis

Presentation Skills

Quick Iteration

Past instructors from:

Software Engineering skills you’ll learn.

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Javascript framework (Angular)

Debugging websites

Implementing APIs

Deploying apps to the internet

Building databases

Past instructors from:

Investment Finance skills you’ll learn.

Financial Ecosystems

Financial Reporting

Portfolio Management

Instruments & Valuation


Applied Learnings

Past instructors from:

Program details.

Next 6 week session commences:

May 28 - July 8, 2023

Limited spaces available

What's included:

  • Live online course with 1 expert instructor and 2 TAs.

  • Hybrid internship.

  • Daily internship support from instructors and iX staff.

  • Accommodation and excursions.

  • Modern co-working space and much more...

Program tuition options:

Cape Town $9,970

Lisbon $11,450

Payment plans available*

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