iX Career Semester.

iX Career Semester.

iX Career Semester is the creation of two internationally-recognized education companies.
In 2020, iXperience and WorldStrides joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind career-boosting program for highly-motivated students around the world.

Part coursework, one part internship, and a whole lot of fun, iX Semester enhances employability by demonstrating the application of desired 21st century skill sets like data analytics and remote working ability.

All while offering guaranteed internship placements, live classes led by experts in the field, and lifetime access to an international network of alumni.

iXperience started in 2013 as a coding bootcamp with the mission of bridging the gap between academia and industry. Since then, it's grown into a global operation that has helped more than 2500 students accelerate their careers in a variety of high-growth industries, from data analytics and web development, to investment finance and digital marketing.

iXperience has an online campus, as well as physical campuses across four continents. Recently, iXperience launched its Launchpad program for high schools to help teach fundamental career-readiness skills to younger students, educating them about the vast career possibilities in today's world.

WorldStrides enables students of all ages to see beyond the classroom and view the world—and themselves—in new ways, offering unique programs focused on educational travel, study abroad, language immersion, career exploration, service-learning, performing arts, and sports over the company’s 50-year history. WorldStrides’ comprehensive portfolio of brands includes The Education Abroad Network (TEAN), International Studies Abroad (ISA), Envision, Oxbridge, and more.

What all of our programs stand for.


Why are you here? What do you want to experience? How do you want to contribute to others? These are the questions that guide the journeys of our students and core team.


We challenge our team to be disciplined learners who continually evolve, step by step, day by day. At iX, it's OK to make mistakes—it's not OK to not learn from them.


We believe what makes work ultimately rewarding are the people you share your time with. We socialise together, hike, surf and gym together, and travel the world together doing the work we love.

A strong track record of success.

We have a long history of teaching brilliant students, and helping them land jobs at the world's top firms.

We've taught more than 2000 students that hail from 200+ universities around the world, with more than 25% of our students coming from the top 20 ranked universities in the US—institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Penn, Duke, and Columbia.

Drew Lemke

University of Michigan

Landed a job at Procter & Gamble

"At iX, I learned so much about what it takes to be successful in business, how to land a job, how to communicate professionally, you name it. iX makes it possible for students to grow by unlocking valuable insights from experienced professionals."

Allie Ivener

University of Virginia

Landed a job at Microsoft

"When I first signed up for iXperience, I expected to just learn how to make web applications. I didn’t really know what exactly that would mean, but I never imagined it would contribute so heavily to me landing an internship at Microsoft."

Zack Chauvin

Harvard University

Landed a job at Facebook

"I picked up the valuable skill of web development, but the most valuable things I learned are those that can’t be taught at school. I learned how to be a creator, part of a team, and someone who runs with ideas, all while having a summer I’ll never forget."

iX'ers land jobs at top companies, globally, including

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