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As an ambitious student, are you asking these questions?

"Do I have enough hard skills to get noticed by recruiters?"
"How can I improve my resume before recruiting at competitive firms?"
"How do I build a professional network to leverage?"
"Do I really know what all of my career options are within an industry?"

iX Career Bootcamp is made for you.

Gain skills, practical experience, and start the semester with new career prospects.

 You'll take a future-focused bootcamp course, learn in small live classes with industry experts, and complete a real-world project. No matter your major, you’ll gain employable skills, practical experience, a revamped resume, and access to a tight-knit professional network.

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2500+ success stories.

Elena Viceira, iX Alum

Harvard University

"This class was incredibly rewarding. Not only were our professors and teaching assistants knowledgable, passionate, and dedicated, but also we were given the opportunity to muddle through problems on our own and teach ourselves skills—both very valuable learning experiences."

The 2500-strong iX alumni network come from more than 100 universities globally.

So much more than an ordinary course.

Learn high-demand skills
from industry experts.

Our courses are taught by highly qualified professionals with a passion for inspiring the future of their field. We keep our class sizes small, so you get individualized attention and build lasting relationships.

Complete an impressive
real-world project.

There’s no better way to learn than to apply your knowledge. As a part of the course, you'll complete a project from a real client that you will present to a panel, and can add to your resume.

Join a global network
of exceptional people.

Every year, iX draws driven, talented students from more than 50 universities around the world. On the program, you might find your next mentor, business partner, or lifelong friend.

Created for students seeking more.

Aaron Fuchs, iXperience CEO and Founder

Yale University

In college, I didn't feel inspired to reach my potential. Along with the pressure of finding internships, I craved the freedom to explore and find my passions. That's why I started iX. I dreamed of creating a school that prepares students for the global future, pushes them to explore, and inspires them to venture out of their comfort zones. It's the experience I wish I'd had in university.

How iX Career Bootcamp Abroad works.

10 days of intensive class over two weeks.

Program details:

  • January 3-14, 2021. Classes Monday - Friday.
  • Live online classes from 11am-1pm EST.
  • 3-4 hours of homework every week day.
  • Certificate of bootcamp completion.
  • Lifetime access to the iX alumni network.

iX Career Bootcamp Abroad is an intensive learning experience designed to help you start Fall with serious momentum, ahead of recruiting season. For the first week, you'll focus primarily on picking up new industry-relevant skills at a rapid pace.

The second week, following a weekend break, will focus primarily on applying your skills to a real-world project that you can add to your resume and discuss in job interviews. Unlike many other online programs, you'll have support from your teachers and teaching assistants throughout the day so you're never stuck on a problem for too long.

Earn a certificate and showcase your work.

You can share your Course Certificates in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.  
Max Martin

Yale University

"iXperience was a one-of-a-kind learning immersion. I gained experience and knowledge in ways I never had before. I can now say that I have incredible new skills and have used what I learned to make an impact at a startup company in Cape Town."

iXperience alumni have gone on to work at

Support from iX to full-time job,
with iX Coach.

Get matched with a dedicated mentor who'll support you on your journey even after the program.

A dedicated mentor

Finding a helpful guide who's invested in your success as an individual can be one of the top challenges for a college student. You'll develop a personal relationship with your coach through 1-1 conversations and exercises during the program.

Career planning & self-awareness

How do your personal strengths and interests inform your career search? Are you on track to reach your full potential? Your career coach will guide you through various personality assessments that give you insights into which specific industries, roles, and company cultures would be a good fit for you.

Recruiting and Interview Prep

You’ll be paired with an iX alum working in industry. They'll be a helpful and relatable resource for anything you need when applying to jobs – from reviewing your resume and cover letters to preparing for the interviews themselves.

Why iX?

There's nothing quite like it.

Alex Tenn

Associate at BlackRock

"iX encouraged me to brainstorm an app to address a problem for which I had no previous background with and no operational know-how. As a mechanical engineering major at Yale, I had been exposed to technology and several programming languages but had never been encouraged to develop my own ideas into products."

Cameron Cross

Consultant at Bain & Co, HBS MBA candidate

"Reflecting on my recent interview experiences, I can point to 3 major reasons that iX is beneficial to aspiring young professionals of almost any career: You have the chance to learn and live a remarkably productive and healthy lifestyle; you will craft uniquely interesting and memorable stories for interviews; you will learn from brilliant and talented students, lecturers, and staff."

Bridget Scott

Digital Product Analyst at American Express

"The Product Management class could not have been more personally tailored to my needs: the ideal blend of marketing, psychology, tech, art, and business. I pitched ideas, fine-tuned my public speaking skills, and developed a product up to a high-fidelity clickable wireframe. It is definitely one of the most informative and enriching classes I have taken throughout my entire academic career."

Matt Klein

Equity Research Associate at Franklin Templeton

"Last summer I had a great experience working in corporate finance, and this summer I got to see a completely different side of the industry. Our teacher focused primarily on start up evaluation and taught us how to build efficient financial models to better assess investment risk. Today, I am working with a team of other iX students on a startup venture of our own. The startup has given me an environment to hone the skills I learned in the classroom."

Yaaseen Mahomed

University of Pennsylvania

"By constantly making connections between UX, Engineering, and customer value, the teaching team introduced me a new skill set that I would never have thought to look into. The interactive lessons truly affirmed my interest in the field, and gave me more confidence in managing a product to success."

Katie Player

Harvard University

"iXperience not only taught me the nuances of a career path I am strongly considering, but it allowed me to practice the skills that I learned. I have never gained so much confidence in such a short time. I now feel fully prepared to enter the recruiting process."

It's time to level up.

Choose the industry you want to learn most about.

Made to be affordable.

We offer need-based financial aid and scholarships to enable access to our programs.

Dates and deadlines.

Upcoming sessions

iX Career Bootcamp dates are January 3 - 14, 2022. The program will take place over the winter break period.

Application deadlines

Regular Deadline: December 2

Late Deadline: December 22

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