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Welcome to the Business Development Program.

Earn great money

during college.

Develop vital skills

to get better job opportunities.

Be part of iX's

inner circle.

Stay connected to iX. Learn skills. Earn money. Have impact.

My vision is for iX to be a lifelong learning company, where our alumni can give back into our growing education ecosystem and earn money after they've completed a program.

The Biz Dev program is that vision in action: a program where past iX students can work with us during the school year to develop iX's presence on their campus. It's an awesome opportunity that has accelerated the careers of so many alumni, while also enabling iX to grow.

Aaron Fuchs

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iX Co-founder

The benefits are huge.

Make great money through hourly pay.

Competitive hourly rates make the iX Biz Dev program an attractive way to earn while you learn.

Networking and resume building to increase job opportunities.

It's who you know. The Biz Dev program builds your first professional network that will serve as your springboard once you graduate.

Exciting projects that have real impact.

Share your iX journey with future students who will experience the world in a whole new way with iX.

Epic training to develop skills.

All Biz Devs receive training on the fundamentals of goal setting, measuring progress, meeting targets, OKRs and so much more.

There are 3 phases of the Biz Dev program.

Our goal is for you to become a leader with an excellent set of hard and soft skills, as well as leadership experience, preparing you to excel in your future career.

Phase 1


Title: Business Development Associate

Compensation: $20/hr

More Info.

Time: ±5 hrs a week, ±50 hours over 3 months

The first phase is about understanding how the Biz Dev Program works, getting set up, starting initial projects, and receiving clear direction from your managers. This is the foundation for your future as a leader in this program.

Phase 2


Title: Business Development Manager

Compensation: $25/hr

More Info.

Time: ±5 hrs a week, ±50 hours over 3 months

With a solid foundation and traction on your projects, you will begin using your creativity and strategic skills to initiate projects of your own that align to your goals. We will act more as coaches and mentors in this phase.

Phase 3

Leading with autonomy

Title: Senior Business Development Manager

Compensation: $30/hr

More Info.

Time: ±5 hrs a week, ±50 hours over 3 months

With a few successful projects under your belt and a wealth of knowledge, training and mentorship, you will move into a leadership position on the program where you will the have the opportunity to train and lead new junior biz devs, and earn commission from their impact.

Additional compensation.

In addition to the hourly rate, you earn $500 per student that commits to an iX Abroad program! Example in Phase 1:

In a semester worked:

45 hours


10 students

Total earnings:


In-depth overview of the Biz Dev Program.

Note this is not a short video, but will give you all the details of how the program is structured, how it runs, and why it exists.

Hear from a current iX Biz Dev.

Cody Krause

Student at University of Michigan

After a transformative study abroad program this summer, I am thrilled to announce that I have recently joined the iXperience team as a Business Development Associate! I will be orchestrating a wide variety of campus activations, student organization partnerships, career fairs, and more to help students discover the same internship opportunities I enjoyed this summer. Furthermore, I will undergo high-impact training in a wide variety of technical and soft skills as part of the iX BizDev program.

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Once on the program expect:

  • An assigned manager at iX to guide and coach you.

  • Time tracking at $20 an hour.

  • Onboarding into the Biz Dev operating system in Notion.

  • ± 5 hours of work per week.

  • Travel to conferences as iX grows, such as the Biz Dev conference.

  • Work experience for your LinkedIn profile and resume.

  • Weekly 1-on-1s to get feedback on your work.

  • Branded swag and iX gear.

  • $500 every time a student is enrolled in iX.

  • Performance reviews by iX managers.

Your resume after 6 months.

Up-skill on critical skills while still at college that are needed in workplaces everywhere.

How the Biz Dev hiring process works.

Step 1

Express your interest in joining after you have completed an iX program.

Step 2

Schedule a call with an iX manager to discuss the role & answer questions.

Step 3

Complete a small project where we assess your abilities to see whether you would be a good fit.

Step 4

iX reviews the project and invites you to join the program. This is when you start work!

Join the program.

If you are an iX alum, use the button below to start your journey.