Software Engineering Course & Internship Abroad.

Learn coding languages, understand APIs & build an app.


Session 1: May 28 - July 8


Session 2: July 9 - August 19


Early deadline: Sept 27

The highest ROI of one summer.

Stand out in future recruiting

by gaining in-demand data skills & internship experience.

Build your personal story

for interviews by having a unique career experience abroad.

Gain perspective

on the software engineering career path by testing out what it's like to work in industry.

Build your network

in different social circles and get access to the iX Alumni Platform

Meet your industry expert teacher.

At iX, students have direct, personalized access to industry experts that teach, guide, and mentor you through your bootcamp and internship experience abroad.

In my iX course we will not only focus on theoretical ideologies but also how these ideas can be used in the real world. I'm looking forward to guiding new students through the exciting world of software engineering and seeing their abilities grow to become self-sufficient. The best way to get better at a skill is to practice, and what better way to practice than working for a company applying the skills that you have just learned?

Jacques de Villiers

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Director at

A transformative 6-week experience.

Maximize your time through a unique combination of coursework, internships, networking and travel.

Online bootcamp.

  • Learn from the best teachers in the world.

  • Live-taught classes capped at 30 students.

  • Continuous support from your TAs.

  • In-person workshops and group work with your classmates.

Hybrid internship.

  • Guaranteed internship in line with your class topic.

  • Build a global professional network.

  • Create a comprehensive project for your resume. 

  • Constant support from dedicated teachers & TAs. 

Immersive travel.

  • Explore the world with like-minded students.

  • Daily cultural experiences, and weekend excursions.

  • Safe, COVID-compliant housing and operations.

  • Experience your city like a local.

First, build an in-depth, practical skill set.

The program begins with a 2-week skills bootcamp taught in small classes by an expert, equipping you with technical consulting skills to begin your internship.

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Use a code editor, such as Visual Studio Code. Use the basics of git and Github. Write HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Javascript framework (Angular)

Use a CSS framework (Bootstrap). Use a JavaScript framework (Angular).

Debugging websites

Debug web sites using Google Chrome's Developer Tools.


Use teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with others in diverse group settings.

Implementing APIs

Understanding API's, the internet, networking etc. Build a REST API & use MongoDB, connect the backend and the frontend.

Deploying apps to the internet

Publishing your website to the internet securely.

Then, apply your new skills in an internship.

Our internships are different from the usual. Instead of leaving you on your own, we provide you with daily support and occasional classes to cover additional material.

That means you'll be able to create huge value in a short time—all of which you can add to your resume to show future employers.

A machine learning consulting firm focused using AI and vision systems to eliminate defects and scrap completely.

A software framework organization that sorts high volumes of data into usable intelligence for monitoring and maintenance.

A multi-billion euro healthcare company that manages over a dozen public and private hospitals in Portugal.

iX is located in two of the best travel destinations in the world.

Gaining global experience changes your perspective and gives you an edge in the increasingly connected world.

Cape Town, South Africa.

Nestled between the oceans and the mountains is a thriving historic city at the tip of Africa.

Rated #3 city to visit in the world (and with new direct flights from New York), iX flagship campus in Cape Town is a must-visit for students.

Lisbon, Portugal.

Study, explore and work in a country once thought to be the edge of the known world. Stay with fellow iXers at a central location in the vibrant city.

Visit museums and galleries, surf the Atlantic swell, and experience the famed cuisine of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

A few Summer 2022 stories.

Thoughts from past students.

iXperience has been incredible. The Software Engineering class was surprisingly enjoyable and informative - something that I actually looked forward to every day - and the internship has made me feel more prepared for going into my chosen industry. The people in the program have all been amazing, from the students to the directors, and have really brought the experience to a new level of fun. And of course Lisbon is incredible and the perfect European city to live in: extremely walkable, tons going on, amazing food, gorgeous. How much better can it get?

Leila Troxell

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University of Virginia

The iX Software Engineering course and internship kept my days structured while leaving me the time to experience everything Cape Town had to offer—surfing, working, hiking, and going out with friends. It was the perfect balance of developing professionally relevant hard skills while discovering a new country and having a lot of fun.

Eloise Benissan

LinkedIn Link

Vanderbilt University

iXperience had more of an impact on my career - and, my life - than I could've possibly expected. Before the program, I knew I wanted a work-life balance and a career in tech. iXperience gave me the opportunity to build skills and a professional network, while also practicing, discussing, and developing an exciting and well-rounded lifestyle. The program also packs in all the personal and cultural benefits of a study abroad.

Victoria Hardy

LinkedIn Link

Virginia Tech

Program details.

Next 6 week session commences:

May 28 - July 8, 2023

Limited spaces available

What's included:

  • Live online course with 1 expert instructor & 2 TAs.

  • Hybrid internship.

  • Daily internship support from instructors and iX staff.

  • Accommodation & excursions.

  • Modern co-working space and much more...

Program tuition options:

Cape Town $9,970

Lisbon $11,450

Payment plans available*

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Software Engineering Course & Internship Abroad.

Learn coding languages, understand APIs & build an app.