Investment Finance Course & Internship Abroad.

Learn financial tools and concepts & assess a company's performance.


Session 1: May 28 - July 8


Session 2: July 9 - August 19


Early deadline: Sept 27

The highest ROI of one summer.

Stand out in future recruiting

by gaining in-demand data skills & internship experience.

Build your personal story

for interviews by having a unique career experience abroad.

Gain perspective

on the investment finance career path by testing out what it's like to work in industry.

Build your network

in different social circles and get access to the iX Alumni Platform

Meet your industry expert teacher.

At iX, students have direct, personalized access to industry experts that teach, guide, and mentor you through your bootcamp and internship experience abroad.

Technology has radically changed our industry. The amount of information, speed of transactions, and reduction in costs means that you can no longer rely on being a middleman – you will need to add clear, quantifiable value. Students leaving this program will have a much clearer view of the scope of the Finance industry and its various opportunities. They won't be scared by the jargon, and will be equipped to delve deeper into a specific field that interests them.

Jonathan Miller

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Private Wealth Manager at Geach Donaldson and Associates

A transformative 6-week experience.

Maximize your time through a unique combination of coursework, internships, networking and travel.

Online bootcamp.

  • Learn from the best teachers in the world.

  • Live-taught classes capped at 30 students.

  • Continuous support from your TAs.

  • In-person workshops and group work with your classmates.

Hybrid internship.

  • Guaranteed internship in line with your class topic.

  • Build a global professional network.

  • Create a comprehensive project for your resume. 

  • Constant support from dedicated teachers & TAs. 

Immersive travel.

  • Explore the world with like-minded students.

  • Daily cultural experiences, and weekend excursions.

  • Safe, COVID-compliant housing and operations.

  • Experience your city like a local.

First, build an in-depth, practical skill set.

The program begins with a 2-week skills bootcamp taught in small classes by an expert, equipping you with technical consulting skills to begin your internship.

Applied Learnings

Create compelling pitch decks using Powerpoint, supported by financial models and valuation analyses.

Financial Ecosystems

Macroeconomic principles, FSPs, industries and business cycles, and capital markets.

Financial Reporting

Income statements and balance sheets, cash flow statements, AFS evaluations, and corporate transactions.

Instruments & Valuation

TVM, equity valuation, fixed income markets, and derivatives.

Portfolio Management

Risk and return, portfolio construction, collective investments, and alternative investments.


Compare and contrast company performance over time. Build an analyst report.

Then, apply your new skills in an internship.

Our internships are different from the usual. Instead of leaving you on your own, we provide you with daily support and occasional classes to cover additional material.

That means you'll be able to create huge value in a short time—all of which you can add to your resume to show future employers.

A machine learning consulting firm focused using AI and vision systems to eliminate defects and scrap completely.

A software framework organization that sorts high volumes of data into usable intelligence for monitoring and maintenance.

A multi-billion euro healthcare company that manages over a dozen public and private hospitals in Portugal.

iX is located in two of the best travel destinations in the world.

Gaining global experience changes your perspective and gives you an edge in the increasingly connected world.

Cape Town, South Africa.

Nestled between the oceans and the mountains is a thriving historic city at the tip of Africa.

Rated #3 city to visit in the world (and with new direct flights from New York), iX flagship campus in Cape Town is a must-visit for students.

Lisbon, Portugal.

Study, explore and work in a country once thought to be the edge of the known world. Stay with fellow iXers at a central location in the vibrant city.

Visit museums and galleries, surf the Atlantic swell, and experience the famed cuisine of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

A few Summer 2022 stories.

Thoughts from past students.

This class was the best decision I could have made this summer. Not only did I get to enjoy six weeks in what I can now say is my favorite place I have ever been to, but also I learned more than I ever have in my University courses. The hands-on nature of our finance class allowed us to apply knowledge we learned in class to real world scenarios on a daily basis. I consistently felt comfortable with the content as we moved through the course and was pleased with the deliverables I was able to create in my hybrid internship as well.

Shaun Doogal

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University of Michigan

The finance program was amazing. The classes were extremely helpful and I learned so much at such a fast pace. All of the excursions and activities throughout the program provided a phenomenal work-play balance. Overall, it was definitely worth the experience and I would do it again.

Wyatt Sauer

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Texas Christian University

iX is truly an experience every college student should have. School doesn't necessarily teach you skills needed in real life. iX is straight to the point and teaches you exactly what you need. I came to class knowing absolutely nothing, and I entered my internship doing financial modeling and actually making a difference in my host company. This experience is super valuable if you find it tough to get into university clubs or find internships. iX's internship is helpful because they make you work and make a difference, not just punch numbers in the computer.

Bhaanvee Anthraper

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University of California

Program details.

Next 6 week session commences:

May 28 - July 8, 2023

Limited spaces available

What's included:

  • Live online course with 1 expert instructor & 2 TAs.

  • Hybrid internship.

  • Daily internship support from instructors and iX staff.

  • Accommodation & excursions.

  • Modern co-working space and much more...

Program tuition options:

Cape Town $9,970

Lisbon $11,450

Payment plans available*

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Investment Finance Course & Internship Abroad.

Learn financial tools and concepts & assess a company's performance.