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    Unfortunately, due to COVID regulations, our programs in Cape Town are closed for Summer 2021.

    A rainbow nation at the edge of Africa.

    Built around a breathtaking, biodiverse landscape, Cape Town is the perfect place to learn and explore. The cost of living is also much lower than many European, Asian, and American cities, so you'll be able to enjoy of all the culinary, coffee, and adventuring opportunities.
    Elias Kalish, iX Cape Town 2019
    University of Pennsylvania 2021
    "Cape Town is such an incredible city. Being here over the summer and making great friends has been one of the best experiences of my life!"

    Travel with purpose.

    Our for-credit Global Studies curriculum—which all students take during the first week—will expand your perspective and give you unforgettable memories.
    History and Context

    Get essential information about the city you're living in, including the major events that led to the present moment.

    Witness the conflicted legacy of Apartheid

    Cultural Field Trips

    Bring your classroom learning to life through iX-sponsored excursions to points of cultural intrigue in the city.

    Visit a diverse array of historic communities

    Talk with us

    Our course advisors are experts at helping you craft the perfect summer.

    Find a time

    What to look forward to after class.

    We encourage you to explore these wonders on your own. You'll be hard-pressed to do it all!

    Breathtaking nature. On the daily.

    Cape Town is surrounded on two sides by mountains—including Table Mountain, one of the new 7 Natural Wonders of the World—with your accommodation just below the slopes of the western face. You might start your day with a sunrise hike, then head to class, and end with a picnic on the beach. Paradise!


    Healthy, affordable, and delicious.

    Cape Town puts a huge emphasis on the quality of its food: from health to sustainability and of course, taste. An average lunch will cost you $7, and dinner $10—and $20 if you really go all out.

    Health & Fitness

    A city built around wellness.

    With so much nature, it's incredibly easy to stay fit by going on hikes or runs on the seaside promenade. There's also a vibrant subculture around yoga, gymming, and general wellness (as well as a humming fast food scene)—so you can get your fix, whatever your tastes.


    Perfect for student living.

    There are amazing beaches, cafes, restaurants, and parks in the neighborhoods around the iX housing and classrooms. We're all about community, so we'll also schedule group dinners, social events, fun classes in anything from professional development to poker, and maybe even karaoke.


    Explore the world's Southern tip.

    Out of the city, there are plenty of experiences that will wow you—and challenge you. We'll point you to once-in-a-lifetime activities that you'll struggle to forget, whether in the ocean, sky, desert, forest, or safari.

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    Take a tour of your new home.

    Our world-class operations will keep you safe while abroad, so you can focus on exploring.
    Beachfront accommodation
    Stay in self-catering beach-side apartments at the foot of Table Mountain.
    Always have support with 24/7 security and health staff on-site.
    Live comfortably with 1-5 students in each apartment.
    Tech-driven classrooms
    Learn in one of the most advanced co-working space on the continent of Africa.
    Access state-of-the-art facilities in Africa's most visited destination.
    Study with fast wifi, great coffee, and an epic student lounge.
    World-class security
    Feel safe with 24/7 access to iX emergency assistance for students.
    Receive a comprehensive Health and Safety briefing upon arrival.
    Know you're in good hands: our Ops Team has a combined 60 years of military/security experience.
    Cost of living
    Access to other countries
    Access to nature
    Music scene

    Unfortunately, Cape Town is closed for Summer 2021.

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