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Immerse yourself in Cape Town.

An extraordinary opportunity to combine skills development, real-world work experience,
and the liberal arts. In one summer abroad.
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Liberal arts, enhanced by industry skills.
In Cape Town, South Africa.

The future depends on those who have deep, critical knowledge and the skills to apply it in a global context.

That's why iX and the University of Virginia (UVA) are collaborating to pioneer a new paradigm of learning: a study abroad program that combines a liberal arts course with high impact skills development. All while you immerse yourself in a unique workplace environment and experience South Africa's vibrant culture, history, and lifestyle.

Future learning

A multidimensional learning experience.

Gain a deep understanding of the South African context, then the skills to create real value.
This 10-week program will grant you 9 credits, with the option of earning 1 additional credit if you choose to take a language course.
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1. Expand Your World

UVA Global Studies Course

For the first four weeks, you'll take a UVA course that will expand your understanding of the South African context—politics, culture, history, and some of the most pressing challenges that the country and its people face. You'll also have the option to take a language course for 1 additional credit.

2. Jumpstart Your Career

iX Course & Internship

For the following six weeks, you'll take an iX career-focused course and internship that will give you both intensive classwork and practical work experience in topics like data science or finance. The course will also encourage you to think about how to address some of the challenges you grappled with in the previous course.

Whatever your major, whatever you study, seek that connection between your individual passion and the larger idea, the larger commitment, the dream of democracy.

Ian Baucom
Dean of the University of Virginia College of Arts & Sciences

Part 1: Expand your world.

Your experience starts with an expansive global studies course that will introduce you to South Africa and broaden your perspective on a wide range of political, social, historical, cultural, and environmental themes, including:

From colonialism to a Rainbow Nation—and beyond.

In the modern history of South Africa, we see in bold relief the creation of a radically unequal society and, just as importantly, the struggle to build a more just nation. The course begins with African societies of the region prior to colonisation and how their history lives on in the present. An exploration of colonial conquest, life under colonialism, and the rise and overthrow of apartheid will reveal as much with the ways that the weak maneuvered within and undermined oppressive systems as with the powerful who imposed them. The course will examine the birth of democracy in South Africa, in 1994, and delve into the challenges that the newly elected government faced in its efforts to undo the injustices of the past.

In search for a more sustainable future.

The course will also teach students about the environment and issues of sustainability. Environmental issues in Africa are popularly associated with breathtaking landscapes and wildlife, though tourists rarely learn how this important natural heritage is historically rooted in colonialism and Apartheid policies. You will learn how South African community leaders, resource managers, scientists, and policy makers contend with these histories and their ongoing legacies , as they work toward just and sustainable futures, based on diverse values, knowledge systems, and ways of caring for nature.

Elective: The Southern African sky

The southern sky holds treasures impossible to see from the north. In this course student will explore unique features of the southern sky, learn African star lore, and (weather permitting) witness pristine dark nighttime skies outside of Cape Town.

Elective: Archaeology - A story of the land

This series of seminars will combine a broad account of our origins as humans with a specific focus on Africa and South Africa. This is a story of human origins - our evolutionary lineage - and the migration of our ancestors across the continents. This story raises questions, not easily resolved, as to who has rights to the land and why; an issue in many parts of the world, and a central economic and political issue in South Africa today.

From experimental theatre and graphic novels to public murals and DJ sets.

African art and music are often celebrated — and simplified — from afar for their vibrant rhythms, color and energy. But what happens when we look and listen more closely? What can we learn from the artists and communities who produce these forms? And how can we understand African art through broader histories of inequality and struggles for justice? In South Africa, art and music were used both in support of and against the apartheid regime, actively promoting white supremacy and passionately fighting against it. We will learn about these histories and the ways in which artists and audiences think, play, protest and build through a range of creative practices, from experimental theatre and graphic novels to public murals and DJ sets.

iX is committed to ensuring the relevance of education for the modern economy by bridging the gap between college and work.

Aaron Fuchs, CEO of iXperience

Part 2: Jumpstart your career.

Choose an iX course and internship that will supercharge your skill set and resume.
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