Expand your mind. Ignite your soul.

Expand your mind. Ignite your soul.

A relaxing surfing and yoga course in a small coastal town in Mexico, designed to help you slow down, connect with nature, and develop your mindfulness skill set.
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Transform your relationship with yourself and nature.

The iX Mind and Ocean Journey is the perfect opportunity for those looking to experience nature and themselves like never before. For an exciting and mind-expanding week, you’ll live on a remote beach alongside other like minded people, go from zero to surf hero, learn mindfulness practices through yoga and meditation, and learn the basics of ocean conservation.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and give yourself the opportunity to think deeply about your life and future.

A journey you’ll never forget.


iX Journey programs take you to breathtaking locations that reconnect you with the power and majesty of nature.


Gain the type of education you can only get outside of the classroom, through immersive experience and hands-on practice.


Bond with a tight-knit community of other young students who are on the same mission as you - to better themselves and the world around them.

More than a retreat: expect to learn and grow every day.

Zero to surfing hero

The Mind and Ocean Journey includes daily surf sessions, to teach you both how to shred long wave breaks and understand how to read wind and ocean conditions.

Transform your body and mind.

Our daily yoga classes will not only improve your physical mobility, but also enhance your ability to connect with the present and remain calm during the stressful times in your life.

Learn the power of conservation.

Better yourself by bettering the environment around you. Learn about the basics of ocean conservation, and mankind's ability to help or harm the coast through tourism and development.

Discover a breathtaking new world: Sayulita, Mexico.

Expect warm weather, clear waters, and a bit of wind. iX has partnered with global hotel chain Selina to bring you a comfortable and immersive accommodation experience in a town known as a surfing destination.

  • Dorm-style accommodation with fellow iX students
  • Walking distance to the beach and jungle
  • A small shared kitchen & restaurant on premises, with access to town (food is not included)
  • Wifi (chill speed, not work speed)

A daily practice of nature and growth.

This is a sample itinerary that is subject to change.

 Own the morning with a empowering yoga session. Deepen your practice every day. 


Silent meditation, followed by journaling, to help get your thoughts out of your mind.


Time to hit the waves! Go out with a surf teacher who’ll help you navigate the changing winds and tides. 


The afternoon is yours to explore, chill, journal, or chat. Take a trip into the jungle or connect with Mexican beach culture.


A dinner out and maybe some drinks with your new classmates. Don’t stay out too late - you’ve got an early morning to prepare for!

Why iX?

There's nothing quite like it.

Phoebe Brown

Senior Director at EY-Parthenon, Private Equity and Technology

"iX presented a world of opportunities I hadn't yet considered. Learning about a new industry,
exploring an incredible country, embarking on exhilarating adventures, and getting hands-on experience in
an internship with an international company."

Alec Ortiz

MD Student at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

"iX was an opportunity to grow and discover—to explore a dynamic and captivating place, develop practical technical skills, and leave behind the comfort of the familiar to join a diverse assembly of scholars, artists, and adventurers at the edge of the world."

Dhruv Johri

Chief Technology Officer at GoCook LLC.

"I feel that iXperience exposes you to an entirely new dimension of understanding. I learned about an entirely new field of study while being exposed to a new culture in Tel Aviv. They have an amazing team of people with them. I Really learned a lot."

Mind & Ocean Journey.

Sunday, January 2 - Saturday, January 8
Sunday, January 9 - Saturday, January 15
Includes accommodation, surfing classes, yoga classes, airport transfer, and 24/7 health & safety support. 


Financial aid available

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