Connect with the wild. And your true character.

Expand your mind. Ignite your soul.

The iX Leadership in the Wild Journey is an intensive expedition held in the greater Kruger National Park, one of the Africa’s largest game reserves.
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A journey of resilience, leadership, and teamwork.
Not for the faint-of-heart.

Spend your days navigating South Africa's open nature, surrounded by zebras, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, and more. But this is no vacation: every day you'll take on new challenges. Expect to track animals, navigate complex terrain and challenging environments, and learn about and support local conservation efforts.

You'll be challenged to find comfort outside of your comfort zone—because that's where real growth lies.

A journey you’ll never forget.


iX Journey programs take you to breathtaking locations that connect you with the power and majesty of nature.


Gain the type of education you can only get outside of the classroom, through immersive experience and hands-on practice.


Bond with a tight-knit community of other young students who are on the same mission as you - to better themselves and the world around them.

Strategy, execution, improvisation, reflection. And repeat.

Learn about the African wilderness, hands-on

Gain a broad understanding of the African ecosystem, focusing on how the plant life, terrain, and wild animal behavior synergize to create this breathtaking environment. With experienced local guides, you’ll track game on vehicle and by foot. With luck, you’ll see the famous African "Big 5": elephant, rhino, water buffalo, lion, and leopard.

Self-mastery, resilience, and EQ.

Our curriculum, when combined with the exposure to environmental stress, teaches the essentials of teamwork and collaboration. You'll be challenged to practice strategic forecasting, improvisation under pressure, and contingency plan execution. The result: you’ll leave a better teammate, both as a leader and a follower.

Learn the power of conservation.

The program culminates in a full day spent at Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitation Centre. There, you’ll get stuck in with the staff and learn first-hand about the intricacies of conservation efforts in Africa, interacting with the animals under their care, and giving back to the greater wildlife community with your time and effort.

Step out of your comfort zone and into Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Expect hot, humid days cooled by afternoon thundershowers and mild winds. You'll start and end the experience in comfort: at a game lodge in the Park for prep and classroom learning. In between, you’ll be camping in the open nature!

  • Modern facilities in your comfort phase.
  • Self-catering opportunities, learning to make fire and prepare your own food at times.
  • Supply-runs to help you prepare for your stay.
  • Basic washing facilities.

Daily learnings about yourself and the cradle of mankind.

This is a sample itinerary and may be slightly adjusted.

Tour the Blyde River Canyon, the third largest canyon in the world, to get an overview of Kruger's ecosystem. Stay in a game lodge.


Start your outdoor adventure at sunrise, working with an experienced guide to track animals by foot. Camp in the wild.


Continue developing both your navigation and leadership skills through both planned and improvised activities. Night 2 of camping.


After one final morning of activities, head to the Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitation Centre to help animals in need. Stay in a lodge.


A final day to reflect on your experiences and  enjoy the company of your new friends and newfound understanding of nature.

Why iX?

There's nothing quite like it.

Phoebe Brown

Senior Director at EY-Parthenon, Private Equity and Technology

"iX presented a world of opportunities I hadn't yet considered. Learning about a new industry,
exploring an incredible country, embarking on exhilarating adventures, and getting hands-on experience in
an internship with an international company."

Alec Ortiz

MD Student at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

"iX was an opportunity to grow and discover—to explore a dynamic and captivating place, develop practical technical skills, and leave behind the comfort of the familiar to join a diverse assembly of scholars, artists, and adventurers at the edge of the world."

Dhruv Johri

Chief Technology Officer at GoCook LLC.

"I feel that iXperience exposes you to an entirely new dimension of understanding. I learned about an entirely new field of study while being exposed to a new culture in Tel Aviv. They have an amazing team of people with them. I Really learned a lot."

Leadership in the Wild Journey.

Sunday, January 2 - Saturday, January 8
Sunday, January 9 - Saturday, January 15
Includes accommodation, all meals, leadership curriculum and experiences, experienced guides, and 24/7 health & safety support. 


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