A life-changing scholarship.

iXperience is looking for exceptional South African university graduates to enroll in its course and internship program this June. We'll foot the tuition, and you'll gain cutting edge skills and work experience.

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Why a scholarship?

Because young South Africans need more opportunities to make impact in the work place.

We know that being a recent graduate and searching for a job is tough, and we want to make our education programs accessible to the brightest South Africans. That's why we've opened up a limited number of spots in our Cape Town program to talented students who are driven, hard working, and passionate about improving their career prospects.

Who knows—maybe your first job offer will be from iXperience itself!

Zafiera davids

"iX is an intense and fun learning course. I've built an app, which is evidence of something I can do and languages that I've learned. It's another thing to add to my resume."

—Zafiera Davids, 2018 scholarship student

Intense learning meets practical applications.

iX programs integrate classroom learning with high impact practical experience, so you gain the skills to boost your resume.

First 2 weeks: Intense Bootcamp

iX is no vacation. You'll hit the ground running with high-intensity classes that will push you to learn faster than you thought possible. Our courses blend foundation theory with practical skills, so you'll be learning things you can actually use—not just cram for the test. The good news: you'll be surrounded by like-minded students who are just as hungry to learn and grow as you are.

Next 4 weeks: Class & Practical Experience Blend

After two weeks of training, the real fun begins. You'll be matched with a local company and tasked to work on one of their projects. This gives you a taste of professional life—as well as concrete deliverables you can add to your resume to show future employers. Don't worry: you'll still have class and plenty of support from your teaching staff, who'll serve as guides as you navigate your internship project.

Start building your dream career.

If accepted, you'll choose one of these cutting edge courses and internships. Click the icons to learn more.

Explore the Data Science curriculum below.

Foundation Theory

Data Science Fundamentals

The pipeline from data to models in production, deep learning and the data scientist's skillset.


Data Analysis

Data cleaning, manipulation, visualisation, collaborative work and version control.

Rapid prototyping

Statistics Foundations

Likelihood, probability distributions, hypothesis testing.


Machine Learning

Fundamentals of machine learning.

Practical Skills + Tools

Coding in Python and SQL

The industry-standard language for analyzing, building models, and presenting data.


Big Data

Go out into the world wide web and catch yourself some respectable data.


Deep Learning

Setting up a GPU server for deep learning with Google Cloud Compute.

Data apps

Modeling and Hosting

Model serving and APIs with Flask and Celery. Creating a web server to host a trained model.

Explore the Full Stack Coding curriculum below.

Foundation Theory

The Internet

You use it almost nonstop—but do you know how it really works?


Comp Sci Basics

How to solve problems using code and think like a computer scientist.



The fundamentals of data storage, and SQL vs NoSQL.

Asynchronous programming

Asynchronous Programming

Essential for any event-based paradigm. Callbacks and the power of promises.

Practical Skills + Tools


HTML 5 and CSS 3 form part of the core skills to the world of web development.



The most popular coding language for modern web programming—a must know.



Communicate efficiently with other websites, and create your own service that other sites can use.


Git + Source Control

Learn to manage your code versions and collaborate on projects with other programmers.

Explore the Investment Finance curriculum below.

Foundation Theory
Risk return

Financial Ecosystems

Macroeconomic principles, FSPs, industries and business cycles, and capital markets.

Financial modeling

Financial Reporting

Income statements and balance sheets, cash flow statements, AFS evaluations and corporate transactions.

Product review

Portfolio Management

Risk and return, portfolio construction, collective investments, and alternative investments.


Instruments & Valuation

TVM, equity valuation, fixed income markets and derivatives.

Practical Skills + Tools

Advanced Excel

Calculate present and future values, risk and return, conducting valuation models, valuing financial instruments.


Portfolio Construction

Ability to construct a portfolio of investments.

Boom bust


Compare and contrast company performance over time. Build an analyst report.

Applied learnings

Applied Learnings

Create compelling pitch decks using Powerpoint, supported by financial models and valuation analyses.

Explore the Management Consulting curriculum below.

Foundation Theory
Problem solving

Hypothesis Driven Analysis

Problem-solving through hypothesis driven analysis and critical thinking skills.

Business models

Data Analysis & Modeling

Data analysis principles and techniques, as well as modeling.


Presentation Skills

Principles of professional presentation.

Competitor analysis

Career Insights

Career paths in management consulting.

Practical Skills + Tools

Decision Trees

Developing issue trees and hypothesis trees.


Excel Wizardry

Advanced Excel analytical skills for complex data analysis.

Financial modeling

Chart Development

Make the numbers come alive and build charts from data.

Case interview

Case Interviews

A key hurdle to your dream job is the case interview: a mock business problem or quantitative oral exam.

Explore the Product Management curriculum below.

Foundation Theory
Product lifecycle

Product Lifecycle

Development cycles for established products, new ideas as an entrepreneur, new ideas as an employee.

Lean methodology

The Lean Methodology

How to build, measure, and learn—crafting the perfect Minimum Viable Product.

Rapid prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping, sketching, and wireframing are at the core of experimentation and effective brainstorming.


Product Roadmapping

The journey of the product: growth, stakeholder alignment, and budget forecasting.

Practical Skills + Tools
Tech stack

Tech Stack Basics

Think front-end, back-end, and how it fits together. Must know for effective PMs.


Agile Development

Master stand-ups, scrum, retrospectives, and backlog grooming.

Slack trello google

Slack, Trello, the Google Suite

Streamline and optimise your communication and team processes.

Business models

Pitching + Storytelling

All good PMs know how to win a crowd—whether that's users, teammates, or investors.

How the scholarship works.

If you have further questions, please email hello@ixperience.co.
South African resident
Bachelor's Degree (no Honors required)
Talented, driven, hard-working
Participate in the entire program, full-time
July 1 - August 9, 2019
Pass the courses you take
iX pays your tuition ($9900)
You pay for food and housing in Cape Town