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iX programs are
innovative, inclusive, and safe.

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How iX is changing study abroad.

We design and create high-impact courses in global studies and cutting-edge industries.

Our programs combine coursework with real-world experience. First, students learn about their host cities through a global studies curriculum, then learn high-impact skills through an intensive bootcamp, and lastly apply them in a professional environment with a local internship.

We work with the University of Virginia (UVA) to build a global studies curriculum that showcases the history, culture, and current affairs of the cities in which we operate. This means that students learn and work with a thorough understanding of their context and surroundings.

For the skills-based portion of our program, we recruit industry experts with a deep academic background who are able to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application. Our course content focuses on what we consider skills of the future: data, finance, design, and coding. Students learn both the theoretical foundations of these age-old disciplines, as well as the principles and tools at the forefront of these fields.

Meet Nicola
VP of Education

Before joining iXperience, Nicola ran a multi-million dollar education innovation investment initiative for one of South Africa's largest financial services groups. Previously, Nicola convened the MPhil in Inclusive Innovation—an interdisciplinary, research-based Masters degree that leads to the development of sustainable, social impact solutions for challenges in Africa at the University of Cape Town—where she is still Adjunct faculty.

Details about our 6-week program
  • 6 credits from the University of Virginia.
  • 87 total hours of classroom contact time across the global studies seminar and skills bootcamp.
  • 72 hours of out-of-class support.
  • 96 hours of ungraded internship lab experience at a local company.
How iX creates a learning environment that prepares students for a rapidly-changing career landscape.

How our 6-week program works.

We've co-created a program with UVA that enables students to get global exposure, learn a new skill, and gain internship experience in one summer abroad.
Week 1: Global Studies
All of our programs begin with an immersion into the local city. Students take classes about the city's history, culture, and current events, and explore their surroundings through iX-sponsored excursions.

Week 2-3: Skills Bootcamp
Our collaborative, workshop-style courses, taught by industry experts, challenge students to acquire the practical skills relevant to high-growth industries—as well as the theoretical foundations that underpin them.

Week 4-6: Internship
Students are then matched with a local company for a skills-based internship, where they work with a company abroad to apply their classroom knowledge in a professional environment. Students leave with a portfolio of both class and real-world work they can show potential future employers.

Throughout the 6 weeks, there are readings and reflection pieces that prompt students to connect their international experiences, skills training, and internship. By the end, students will have a deep understanding of their city in a global context, and a powerful set of skills and work experience to accelerate their careers.

More about the credits from UVA.

We provide unprecedented data access and peace-of-mind to universities.

Our programs are built on data-driven operations systems that give our partner institutions real-time access to their students' health and safety information.

Our global operations team takes a data-driven approach to measuring every aspect of our service, from accommodation and classroom incidents to health and safety responses. They, along with our in-house legal team, have built sophisticated systems that ensure compliance with Title IX, Clery Act, FERPA, and the applicable legislation in all of our locations. Our students are covered by international insurance as a part of their program fee, and we've built a network of medical professionals in each location our students can use.

Meet Russell
VP of Global Operations

Russell manages all of our operations—accommodation, classrooms, transport, and security—around the world. Prior to joining iXperience, Russell served in the South African Navy for seven years, as a naval officer and as a junior lecturer in Industrial Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch’s Faculty of Military Science based in Saldanha Bay, South Africa.

Services we provide students
  • 24/7 access to iX staff during the program.
  • Location-dependent visa application support.
  • Connections to local police and embassies.
  • Housing support and rooming choices.
How iX works 24/7 to keep students healthy and safe.

Glimpse at your secure data platform.

Our on-the-ground operations teams fill in reports for all student health, safety, and security incidents daily, which your institution's team will have access to. We can also provide this information for enrollment and academic data.

Building the future of education with UVA.

iXperience and the University of Virginia (UVA) are collaborating to pioneer a new paradigm of learning: a study abroad program that combines the liberal arts with high-impact skills development.

As the accredited school of record, UVA oversees our academic programs (in Cape Town, Berlin, and Lisbon only), and our courses and instructors have been reviewed and approved by the College. All iX participants are enrolled in UVA courses during their term of study, are visiting UVA students for the duration of the program, will receive a UVA transcript upon completion, and may be eligible to earn transferable credit. (As of 2020, UVA is the #4 best public national US university, and #28 best national US university.)

Ian Baucom
UVA College of Arts & Sciences Dean

"The collaboration with iXperience has the potential to serve as a new model for higher education. This is a compelling way to integrate the liberal arts with skills-based learning and hands-on internship experiences in a global context."

Read UVA's press release
Sherri Moore
Faculty at the McIntire School of Commerce, UVA
"iXperience is one of the most innovative programs in learning that I have witnessed in my years in education. This genuine approach to learning far surpasses any other summer abroad programs...The benefits are monumental, and the networking is invaluable."

Our primary goal is
inclusion and empowerment.

We attract students from all around the US, UK, and Canada.


students have completed an iX program at one of our global locations.


4-year home universities represented in our alumni community.

iX's founders are continuously looking to improve diversity and access.


in financial assistance granted from iXperience to students based on financial need alone.


of students receive over 30% financial assistance from iXperience's financial aid and scholarship fund.
Chief Executive Officer
Aaron Fuchs
Chief Product Officer
Rafi Khan

Both Aaron and Rafi graduated from Yale University, where they each received nearly 100% of tuition in need-based aid. Due to Yale's generous policies, they were both able to have transformative experiences abroad. Their mission is to enable the same experiences for more students like them.

Case study: The Clark Scholars Program at Duke University.

In 2019, we welcomed 9 students to Cape Town who received scholarships from the Duke University Clark Scholars Program. We captured their inspiring stories in a short video.

Become an iX affiliate and further your international goals.

Institutions who join our affiliate program receive a host of benefits.
Additional scholarships and funding opportunities
Students from official iX affiliate universities and institutions receive special scholarships and funding opportunities that are not available to other students. This means more options for your students—no matter their financial background—to explore the world and accelerate their careers.
Smoother admissions and approval processes
You'll have special access to our state-of-the-art student management platform, which will dramatically ease the process of knowing which students are attending our programs, and accessing their information. You'll receive incident reports generated by our on-the-ground operations teams in real time.
Access to our international network
We work with 100s of internship companies around the world and have close connections to universities in South Africa. Becoming an affiliate means plugging into that network and being able to expand your institution's global presence quickly.
Meet Carla le Roux
Head of Global Partnerships

Carla heads up the Global Partnerships team. Prior to joining iXperience, Carla managed corporate partnerships at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, where she also designed Executive Education's first online programs. She's helped both individuals future-proof their careers, as well as businesses to future-proof their people, through innovative training programs aligned to the fast-evolving world of work.

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