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Product Management Course

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A breakthrough curriculum.

iX classes blend intense learning with real-world experience. That way, you get a wide breadth of knowledge, and the practical skills you need to excel as a professional.

Foundation Theory
Product lifecycle

Product Lifecycle

Development cycles for established products, new ideas as an entrepreneur, new ideas as an employee.

Lean methodology

The Lean Methodology

How to build, measure, and learn—crafting the perfect Minimum Viable Product.

Rapid prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping, sketching, and wireframing are at the core of experimentation and effective brainstorming.


Product Roadmapping

The journey of the product: growth, stakeholder alignment, and budget forecasting.

Practical Skills + Tools
Tech stack

Tech Stack Basics

Think front-end, back-end, and how it fits together. Must know for effective PMs.


Agile Development

Master stand-ups, scrum, retrospectives, and backlog grooming.

Slack trello google

Slack, Trello, the Google Suite

Streamline and optimise your communication and team processes.

Business models

Pitching + Storytelling

All good PMs know how to win a crowd—whether that's users, teammates, or investors.

Apply your skills immediately.

Our practical experiences are different from the usual. Instead of leaving you on your own, we provide you with daily support and occasional classes to cover additional material. That means you'll be able to create huge value in a short time — all of which you can add to your resume to show future employers.
Pillar highlight

A micro-jobs platform that connects brands to an on-demand workforce through mobile.

Pillar highlight

An award-winning international conversion rate optimisation (CRO) agency, specialising in e-commerce

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Pearl owei

"After completing iXperience, I have found that product management is definitely something I see myself doing in the future, and not only have I gained the knowledge to be able to do this, but I have also gained an extremely talented network and helpful mentors to guide me along the way."

Pearl Owei, USC '20
Diana gilmore

"Barclays has allowed me to exercise the skills I just recently acquired in a real world setting, affecting existing products and subsequently generating a real, tangible impact within the company."

Diana Gilmore, UCLA '17
Will kittler

"The Product Management course prepared me tremendously for my internship at Aerobotics. Our instructors taught us hard skills such as how to create product roadmaps and build use cases for a product, while enabling us to communicate effectively between engineers, executives, and business managers to ensure a product rolls out on time."

Will Kittler, Princeton '19
Shane taleisnik

" I have had numerous professors and teachers throughout the years, and none of them were quite like my teacher at iX, Johann. His teaching style - pushing us to our limits - and unwavering work ethic have inspired me to never be complacent again. I have learned so much in such a short period of time!"

Shane Taleisnik, UCLA '20
Christopher carvalho

"The skills and tools I learned in the PM class will be remembered and applied for the rest of my career. It was an honor learning from industry experts"

Christopher Carvalho, Penn State '17

Our alumni are on over 100 campuses across the world.
They'd love to share their experiences with you.

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These are the ways you can take Product Management for Summer 2019.
City Program Session 1 Session 2
Cape town Cape Town iX Immerse (10 weeks)
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June 2 - August 10 (spans 2 sessions)
Cape town Cape Town iX Accelerate (6 weeks) Not available June 30 - Aug 10
Nesh govender

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