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Learn in and explore one of the world's fastest growing tech hubs.

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A cultural tour of Israel's non-stop city.

Home to over 5000 startups, Israel's stock exchange, as well as numerous groundbreaking tech companies — including the wild Google headquarters — Tel Aviv offers plenty of opportunities for emerging talent. It also plays host to several universities, giving the city a distinctly student-friendly feel.


Incredible innovation all around.

Have a big dream, or simply want to be exposed to those making it happen? You’re in the right place. Headquarters to some of the biggest names in tech, and a hive for burgeoning startups, Tel Aviv is where ambitious young entrepreneurs head to actualise their products.


A cultural melting pot

Tel Aviv has embraced its reputation as the most liberal city in the Middle East. It’s a multicultural melting pot with people from different backgrounds, beliefs, and ethnicities living side by side. Tel Aviv is remarkably safe and protected, making the streets walkable and peaceful.

Youthful Energy

An international hub.

A thriving and diverse nightlife, as well as the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea make Tel Aviv popular with international entrepreneurs, artists, and laid-back locals. The beaches stretch along the coastline, games persist into the late night, and sports of all kinds are available on the daily.


Hummus and falafel for all.

Restaurants that serve nothing but hummus and falafel, is regarded as a religious experience. The Israelis take their food seriously. Dine at one of the many food markets, or share a platter of specialities with new friends: shakshuka, rugelach, ice cream (in hummus flavour) and iced coffee, you’ll want to eat it all.

Ancient History

A city steeped in famous history.

Tel Aviv has the historic marvels you’d expect from an ancient city. The centuries-old Bauhaus architecture of the ‘White City’ is a famed UNESCO World Heritage Site, while those in seek of culture might visit one of 230 museums (more per capita than any other city in the world).

Alumni Feature: Meet Ari Rosenthal

"I have never experienced a city quite like this. Here are my top 5 reasons you’ll have the time of your life on your visit to Tel Aviv."

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Intense learning meets practical applications.

iX programs integrate classroom learning with high impact practical experience, so you gain the skills to boost your resume.

First 2 weeks: Intense Bootcamp

iX is no vacation. You'll hit the ground running with high-intensity classes that will push you to learn faster than you thought possible. Our courses blend foundation theory with practical skills, so you'll be learning things you can actually use—not just cram for the test. The good news: you'll be surrounded by like-minded students who are just as hungry to learn and grow as you are.

Next 4 weeks: Class & Practical Experience Blend

After two weeks of training, the real fun begins. You'll be matched with a local company and tasked to work on one of their projects. This gives you a taste of professional life—as well as concrete deliverables you can add to your resume to show future employers. Don't worry: you'll still have class and plenty of support from your teaching staff, who'll serve as guides as you navigate your internship project.

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These are the courses you can take in Tel Aviv for Summer 2019.

Note that no academic credit is offered for these courses in Tel Aviv, and this program is not affiliated with the University of Virginia.
Course Session 1 Session 2
Data apps Data Science
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May 25 - July 5
Not available
Boom bust Investment Finance
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May 25 - July 5
Not available
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Frequently asked questions about Tel Aviv

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Do I need a visa before I arrive in Tel Aviv?

It depends. If you come from a visa exempt country (please check online), then you won't need to apply for a visitor visa beforehand. If you come from a non-exempt country, then you will need to apply for a visitor's visa in advance of your arrival.

How safe is Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is described by Lonely Planet as a "remarkably safe city". While there been past incidences of civil unrest, the city is largely immune to these threats. The Government of Israel makes considerable efforts to ensure security, particularly in areas where foreigners frequently travel - every year, hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens visit Israel for study, tourism, and business without incident. Israel’s criminal incident rate per capita is lower than in many major cities in the U.S although reports of petty theft are common, and visitors are advised to avoid leaving valuables unattended in vehicles and public places.

At iXperience, in all of our locations, students are introduced to our health and safety protocols by attending a compulsory orientation session hosted by the iX operations and safety teams in the first week. Additionally, iX staff members are on call 24 hours a day to assist students if necessary. iX also encourages students to take responsibility for their own safety by being vigilant and taking precautions, as they would in any foreign place.

Why can I not earn credit if I attend the program in Tel Aviv?

Due to government restrictions regulations, iXperience cannot offer academic credit for its program in Israel. The structure of the program and course content of the available courses will be similar to those in our other cities, except that your course will have no affiliation with the University of Virginia. In addition, the liberal arts components from the other cities will be excluded.

What is the accommodation like?

Students will be staying at the international award-winning Abraham Hostel. It is located just off Rothschild Avenue and arguably the trendiest and coolest area in Tel Aviv. Abraham’s boasts spacious, dorm-style living (4-6 students per room) with an communal area, kitchen, and one of the coolest rooftop chill-out spots in the city. It is a real gem.

How does rooming work?

iX is all about community, and expanding your social networks is a significant part of what makes our programs so unique. Because of this, iX will handle your rooming placement in gender-specific rooms.

Are meals included?

You will have to cover your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. But don’t stress! There are amazing restaurants and cafes all over the city, many within walking distance. The price of groceries varies, but you can pick up some amazing produce at the local markets, relatively inexpensively.

How does daily transport work?

Tel Aviv has one of the most robust networks of public transport in the world. From renting electric scooters and bicycles to catching the bus or using Gett (a local version of Uber), there is a solution for every preference and budget that will allow you to navigate the city or get to class and your internship.

What is Tel Aviv cuisine like?

Creamy hummus, sensational shawarmas, falafel, salads, and everything in between. The food scene in Tel Aviv is reason enough alone to visit. There are fine dining options, trendy cafes and a bustling street food scene.

How much spending money should I bring for the time I'll be in Tel Aviv?

Cost of living in Israel is comparable to the US. Your only unavoidable expenses are meals, transport, and laundry. You can expect to pay between $10 for breakfast or lunch, and $20-40 for dinner, depending on your choice of dining. You can expect to spend $40+, just like you would in America, for nice dinners out with drinks. If you are unsure of where to get food on a budget, we are more than happy to give you a few recommendations!

We also encourage students to partake in additional excursions and activities, which may increase costs.

What’s the weather like in Tel Aviv during the program?

Tel Aviv has awesome, sunny weather, with a Mediterranean climate that varies between 70-77 degrees from day to day. T-shirts, shorts and cool, loose fitting clothing is essential, as are swimming costumes.

Do I need vaccinations?

No vaccinations are required. However, please check the CDC website here for recommendations.

How good are the medical facilities?

Israel has one of the most technologically advanced and highest-quality healthcare systems in the world. Hospitals in Israel are equipped with modern facilities and high-quality medical technology. Medical personnel are very well-trained and generally speak English. You won’t have trouble should you need medical assistance, but please remember to check in with your travel medical insurance provider before you leave.

Do I need travel medical insurance?

It is compulsory for all students to have arranged travel medical insurance before attending iXperience. Fortunately, your university health insurance will often cover international travel, and independent insurance schemes are quite affordable.

We recommend chatting to your medical service provider about the process of taking out travel medical insurance that guarantees that you will be covered for any emergency while in Israel. Please note that this is a step that you will have to complete on your iXperience student portal.