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Where rustic meets the 21st century.

Lisbon, Portugal's dynamic capital city, is changing fast. Portugal has seen a huge economic boom in the last decade, with young creatives and global funders reimagining the city, building on what is already there, while retaining the rustic charm and low cost of living.

Carolyn melvin
Carolyn Melvin, iX Lisbon 2019
University of Michigan 2022
"I love Lisbon! iX allowed me to become familiar with this unique, growing city. Lisbon is still very local and I truly felt like I got to know the culture and history of this city. Also it is a reasonable place to study with inexpensive food, walkability, beautiful beaches, and many people speak English."

An integrated program to prepare you for the 21st century.

We combine enriching cultural education, high-intensity skills development, and real-world professional experience—an essential combination for an impactful career in the future.
Week 1:
Global Studies
All of our programs begin with an immersion into your chosen city. Take classes about the city's history, culture, and current events to understand your context. Explore your surroundings through iX-sponsored excursions.

Weeks 2-3:
Skills Bootcamp
Start building your skill set—quickly. Our collaborative, workshop-style courses, taught by industry experts, will push you to learn faster than you thought possible. Finish up with an impressive portfolio of class projects, and get ready for your internship.

Weeks 4-6:
Go beyond the classroom with a guaranteed internship. Work with a company abroad to apply your gained classroom knowledge in a professional environment. Finish up with a clear deliverable to show future employers.
Program structure bracket
Throughout the 6 weeks, there will be readings and reflection pieces that prompt you to connect your international experiences, skills training, and internship. The entire program will add up to 6 credits from the University of Virginia. By the end, you will have a deep understanding of your city in a global context, and a powerful set of skills and work experience to accelerate your career.
More about the credits from UVA.

Travel with purpose and gain a deeper understanding.

Our for-credit Global Studies curriculum—which all students take during the first week—will lead to a richer experience and more context during your internship.

History and Context

Get essential information about the city you're living in, including the major events that led to the present moment.

Cultural Field Trips

Bring your classroom learning to life through iX-sponsored excursions to points of cultural intrigue in the city.

Boat cruise

A seafaring history spanning the entire world.


A dramatic tension playing out between old and new.

Take a tour of your new home.

Our world-class operations will keep you safe while abroad, so you can focus on exploring.
Exclusive, community-based living
Stay in a massive hostel for exclusive use for iX students only.
Build community in amazing common areas: kitchens, study spaces, rec rooms, and outdoor gardens.
Learn, in beauty
Live and learn next to delicious restaurants (and ice cream!) in the heart of the city.
Rest easy knowing you're in one of the top-20 safest cities in the world, with world-class hospitals and infrastructure.
A lifestyle unlike any other
Take after-class vacations: beaches, forests, or castles are just a short Uber ride away.
Build a life within walking distance of breathtaking viewpoints, phenomenal parks, and vibey nightlife.
English prevalence
Cost of living
Access to nearby countries
Access to nature
Music scene
Past iX students

What to look forward to after class.

We encourage you to explore these wonders on your own. You'll be hard pressed to do it all!

Food so good, it's hard not to try it all.

The bread, the chorizo, the seafood, and of course, the famous pasteis de nata. Lisbon’s foodie scene is humming. Explore local cafes, indulge in a thousand different pastries, and then walk it off on the beautifully cobbled streets.


A gateway to Europe and beyond.

Lisbon is extremely well connected, both internally, and to other European cities. As the Age of Discovery birthplace, and ranking at 19 out of 140 countries for infrastructure and transport, you can trust getting around will be effortless. Paris for a long weekend? Totally doable.


Visit all 7 Wonders of Portugal.

Wander through the colorful castles of Sintra, explore endless cathedrals, or the super modern art galleries and museums. Lisbon’s clash of old-world and new, grit and grace means that the arts and culture scene crackles with young energy.


Sun and sea.

Lisbon's endless summer is every sun-seeker's dream. Soak up the sun while listening to traditional Fado at a city square, watch the sunset over Lisbon from a buzzing lookout point, hit the beaches, and tour the coast to make the most of it.


Architectural gems from every century.

Famously tiled buildings, narrow cobbled streets, noisy street trams, and steep hills gives the architecture in Lisbon its dramatic feel. The new economic boom also means that it’s undergoing a serious transformation, while retaining its rustic character.

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Dates for Full Stack Coding
Session 1:
May 25 - July 3

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Program fees for Lisbon


Dates for Management Consulting
Session 1:
May 25 - July 3

Applications open

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Program fees for Lisbon


Dates for Digital Marketing
Session 1:
May 25 - July 3

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Not available

Program fees for Lisbon


Our program fees include all costs except flights, transport to internships, and daily living. We provide need-based financial aid to better include students from all walks of life.
Included in every program
  • 6 credits of coursework
  • A guaranteed internship placement
  • Comfortable, secure housing
  • International insurance
  • Immersive cultural excursions and events
  • Airport pickup and dropoff
  • LinkedIn, resume, and career support
  • Lifetime access to the global iX Alumni Network
iX Financial Aid

iXperience offers direct need-based financial aid to all qualifying students. Your eligibility for financial aid is determined entirely by your demonstrated need, and you'll have the chance to apply along with your iX program application. Applying for financial aid will not impact your admissions decision in any way.

Frequently asked questions about Lisbon

View all FAQs.
Do I need a visa before I arrive in Portugal?

It depends on what country you have a passport from. If you're from a visa-free country (like the USA), then you won't need to apply for a Schengen beforehand. If you're from a visa-required country (like China), then you will need to apply for a Schengen visitor visa to enter Portugal. iXperience can provide you with proof of accommodation/invitation letter for your application.

How safe is Lisbon?

At iXperience, our primary focus is on your safety and well-being. Like many European capitals, there are few dangers in Lisbon aside from pickpockets and con artists. People often use public transportation or walk around, even later in the evening.

In all of our locations, students are introduced to our health and safety protocols by attending a compulsory orientation session hosted by the iX operations and safety teams in the first week. Additionally, iX staff members are on call 24 hours a day to assist students if necessary. iX also encourages students to take responsibility for their own safety by being vigilant and taking precautions, as they would in any foreign place.

What is the accommodation like?

You’ll be staying in a beautifully restored and historic building in São Bento – close to tons of cafes, restaurants, and historical landmarks. Bus stops are just a 2-minute walk away while the Metro is just 10 minutes from your door. The building is made up of larger, dorm-style rooms that on average sleep 4-6 people, with large communal spaces to mingle and work, an amazing shared kitchen for cooking and an outdoor area for summer hang-outs.

How does rooming work?

Rooming is done on a first come, first served basis. Applying and paying your program deposit allows you to rank your preference of room category. The earlier you enroll at iXperience, the greater the chance you will have of being placed in your first choice room, as well as first-option to select your preferred roommates if you have friends coming on the program.

Are meals included?

You will have to cover your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. But don’t stress! There are amazing restaurants all over the city, many within walking distance. The price of groceries in Lisbon is also drastically lower than in America.

How does daily transport work?

Students can purchase daily, weekly or even monthly public transport passes with ease, allowing you access to a network of trams, trains and buses that connect you to the greater city, including your classes and internships. Uber, though, is immensely popular and affordable in Lisbon, and many students make use of the service to move around quickly and safely. iX will arrange transport for iX-official weekend excursions where public transport is not feasible.

Is there a gym I can use?

There are gyms around the iX accommodation, most with monthly membership plans. They are fully equipped with treadmills, weight machines, and more. There are also many outdoor gyms scattered around Lisbon.

How much spending money should I bring for the time I'll be in Lisbon?

This is really up to you. Portugal is relatively cheap for foreign visitors, despite higher costs in the rest of the Eurozone. Living in Lisbon can be "cheap" but not free. Students lived comfortably spending, on average, $1600-$2000 during their 2-month stay. Remember, accommodation and all iXperience excursions are included in your tuition. This amount is also dependant on how many independent excursions you arrange during your free time, but these usually add up to $300 - $700 in total.

What’s the weather like in Lisbon during the program?

It's the height of summer during the program! Because Lisbon is coastal, it's more moderate than some other parts of Europe, but it's still toasty. You can expect daytime temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with nighttime temperatures around 60. It'll most likely rain around 5 days every month. So basically, paradise!

Do I need vaccinations?

No vaccinations are required for your trip to Lisbon. You can learn more on the CDC website here.

How good are the medical facilities?

The Portuguese healthcare system was ranked as the 12th best in the world in a World Health Organization report. Private care will be more than sufficient for most health issues, and won't cost too much.

Do I need travel medical insurance?

It is compulsory for all students to have travel medical insurance before attending iXperience. Fortunately, through our affiliation with UVA, iXperience has partnered with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) as the dedicated provider for all students, providing comprehensive cover for the duration of their stay with us. This insurance is included in the program fee. You can find out more about CISI on their website. You will be sent more information about your coverage if you are admitted and commit to the program. If students have queries or claims relating to their insurance, these should be handled directly with CISI, with assistance from iXperience.

Nicola weaver

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