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Europe's spunkiest city and a hotbed for entrepreneurial activity.

Because of the vibrant, youthful energy, relative low cost of living, and great infrastructure, Berlin has attracted entrepreneurs and futurists who have innovated in the finance, tech, and biotech spaces in particular. We're forging partnerships with many of those companies to provide you with world-class international internships.


Ablaze with art.

Street art and world-class collections make Berlin a thriving hub for art and creativity. Delve into the deeper meaning of graffiti, tour one of the 440 galleries, or 150 museums – many of which are open to students at no to little cost.


A historic hotbed.

Rebuilt after World War II and split in two by the Cold War, Berlin occupies one of the most critical and controversial spaces in history. Explore a nuclear bunker, the Holocaust Memorial, Berlin Wall, or visit a German concentration camp near the city.

Low-cost living

European living for less.

Despite its size and capital status, Berlin remains one of the least expensive European cities to live in. In fact, compared to New York or London, Berlin is said to be five times less expensive.


Music around every corner.

Berlin is known for its deep house and techno scene, but you don’t have to head underground. Pop up concerts and street buskers draw the crowds to public parks where smoke can be seen billowing from the many BBQs that take place during summer.


Easy Europe exploration.

Berlin’s central location means that exploring neighboring European cities couldn’t be easier. Flights to Europe can be found for as little as 50 Euros, while Prague is 5 hours away by car, Krakow is 6, and Warsaw 5.5.

Intense learning meets practical applications.

iX programs integrate classroom learning with high impact practical experience, so you gain the skills to boost your resume.

First 2 weeks: Intense Bootcamp

iX is no vacation. You'll hit the ground running with high-intensity classes that will push you to learn faster than you thought possible. Our courses blend foundation theory with practical skills, so you'll be learning things you can actually use—not just cram for the test. The good news: you'll be surrounded by like-minded students who are just as hungry to learn and grow as you are.

Next 4 weeks: Class & Practical Experience Blend

After two weeks of training, the real fun begins. You'll be matched with a local company and tasked to work on one of their projects. This gives you a taste of professional life—as well as concrete deliverables you can add to your resume to show future employers. Don't worry: you'll still have class and plenty of support from your teaching staff, who'll serve as guides as you navigate your internship project.

Let's talk options.

These are the courses you can take in Berlin for Summer 2019.

Course Session 1 Session 2
Interaction design Digital Design
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May 26 - July 6
July 7 - Aug 17
Problem solving Management Consulting
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May 26 - July 6
July 7 - Aug 17
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Frequently asked questions about Berlin

View all FAQs.

Do I need a visa before I arrive in Germany?

It depends. If you come from a visa exempt country (please check online), then you won't need to apply for a Schengen visitor visa beforehand. If you come from a non-exempt country, then you will need to apply for a Schengen visitor visa at your closest German Embassy.

How safe is Berlin?

At iXperience, our primary focus is on your safety and well-being. Berlin, like many European capitals, is quite safe. The biggest risks are pickpockets and scammers. Though people use public transport and walk around at night, you should be careful to avoid dodgy areas.

In all of our locations, students are introduced to our health and safety protocols by attending a compulsory orientation session hosted by the iX operations and safety teams in the first week. Additionally, iX staff members are on call 24 hours a day to assist students if necessary. iX also encourages students to take responsibility for their own safety by being vigilant and taking precautions, as they would in any foreign place.

How does rooming work?

iX is all about community, and expanding your social networks is a significant part of what makes our programs so unique. Because of this, iX will handle your rooming placement in gender-specific rooms.

Are meals included?

You will have to cover your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. But don’t stress! There are amazing restaurants all over the city, many within walking distance. The price of groceries in Berlin is also about the same as in America.

How does daily transport work?

Students can purchase daily, weekly, or even monthly public transport passes with ease, allowing you access to a network of trams, trains and buses that connect you to the greater city, including your classes and internships. Transport for iX-official weekend excursions will be arranged by us.

How much spending money should I bring for the time I'll be in Berlin?

Germany uses the Euro, but is still cheaper than many other European countries. Living in Berlin will be a lot like living in a typical US city. Your only unavoidable expenses are meals and laundry. You can expect to pay between $10 for breakfast or lunch, and $10-20 for dinner, depending on your choice of dining. You can expect to spend $40+, just like you would in America, for nice dinners out with drinks. If you are unsure of where to get food on a budget, we are more than happy to give you a few recommendations!

We also encourage students to partake in additional excursions and activities, which may increase costs.

What’s the weather like in Berlin during the program?

It's the height of summer during the program, but Berlin summer is quite mild, with highs in the mid 70s. At night, it can get a bit chilly, so bring some warmer gear. The summer is also the rainy season, so some rain gear is highly recommended.

Do I need vaccinations?

No vaccinations are required for your trip to Germany. You can learn more on the CDC website here.

How good are the medical facilities?

As with most developed European countries, healthcare is quite sophisticated. Private care will be more than sufficient for most health issues, and won't cost too much.

Do I need travel medical insurance?

It is compulsory for all students to have travel medical insurance before attending iXperience. Fortunately, through our affiliation with UVA, iXperience has partnered with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) as the dedicated provider for all students, providing comprehensive cover for the duration of their stay with us at a significantly reduced cost.