November 6, 2016

What we look for in applicants

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We believe grades and achievements don't paint an authentic picture. We look for more.

Our application process is different. We are looking for students who are open-minded, willing to push the boundaries, and who embrace discomfort. We want to know how you persevere when you fail and remain modest when you succeed. These will play a role in determining whether you’re a candidate that embodies what we value and look for in our applicants.

Let’s get started:

  1. Show your drive. We don’t select students based on skills, but rather their motivation for learning. We want to know that you’ll thrive in our learning environment which rewards growth.
  2. Apply early. The earlier you apply, the higher your chances of acceptance. Sort out your summer plans now – crank out a powerful application before tests and exams roll around. You won’t regret it.
  3. Understand what iXperience is. Check out what our alumni have to say below and you’ll have a better understanding of what this experience actually is – what it’s like to be an iXperience student in Cape Town.

Take 10 minutes and have a look at these must-reads and watches before you start your application.


iXperience's learning environment, in 3 minutes:


Discover the experience: start to finish:

Click here to read Allie's Story (iX 2014): "Returning to Real Life"


Learn about the professional doors iXperience opens:

Click here to read Cameron's Story (iX 2014): "My Journey from iXperience to Bain"



Most importantly:

iXperience may teach highly relevant skills in a beautiful city, but – more than that – this program is about the brilliant and ambitious people it brings together. We have a strong and growing network of over 450 students from the best universities around the world – students who are passionate about self-growth and getting a unique education that will make them stand out.

We are looking for the brightest and most motivated students to join this network. Are you ready?

Click here to start your application.

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