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Accelerate your career, abroad.

Learn a cutting-edge skill, and apply your skills at an internship.
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iX bridges the gap between college and work.

Future skills

Technology is changing faster and faster, and university students need critical skills and experiences just to keep up.

Our programs teach essential skills of the future in intense, bootcamp-style environments to the most motivated students on Earth. Students then apply their skills in an internship at an international company. This means that they learn at an incredible rate—while learning to use their knowledge to create real value.

Intense learning meets practical applications.

iX programs integrate classroom learning with high impact practical experience, so you gain the skills to boost your resume.

First 2 weeks: Intense Bootcamp

iX is no vacation. You'll hit the ground running with high-intensity classes that will push you to learn faster than you thought possible. Our courses blend foundation theory with practical skills, so you'll be learning things you can actually use—not just cram for the test. The good news: you'll be surrounded by like-minded students who are just as hungry to learn and grow as you are.

Next 4 weeks: Class & Practical Experience Blend

After two weeks of training, the real fun begins. You'll be matched with a local company and tasked to work on one of their projects. This gives you a taste of professional life—as well as concrete deliverables you can add to your resume to show future employers. Don't worry: you'll still have class and plenty of support from your teaching staff, who'll serve as guides as you navigate your internship project.

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2 possibilities: Credit or no-credit.

Cape Town, Berlin & Lisbon

6 credits from UVA

iXperience is collaborating with the University of Virginia (UVA) to offer for-credit courses at some of our campuses. This means you'll be able to petition your university to accept your iX course and internship toward your degree. There will also be additional liberal arts components incorporated into these programs.

More about the sponsorship.
Tel Aviv

No credits or affiliation with UVA

Due to government restrictions and regulations, iXperience cannot offer academic credit for its program in Israel. The structure of the program and course content of the available courses will be similar to those in our other cities, except that your course will have no affiliation with the University of Virginia. In addition, the liberal arts components from the other cities will be excluded.

At iX, you'll learn, intern, explore the world, and create lifelong friendships. Our hope is that the experience will make a measurable impact on your patterns of thought—and future career.

Rafi Khan, Chief Product Officer of iXperience

Explore a new world.

We operate in the best cities in the world for study abroad students: affordable, beautiful, and full of epic excursion opportunities.

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City Session 1 Session 2 Courses
Tel aviv Tel Aviv May 25 - July 5
Not available Data Science, Investment Finance
Cape town Cape Town Not available June 30 - Aug 10
Data Science, Full Stack Coding, Investment Finance, Management Consulting, Product Management
Lisbon Lisbon May 26 - July 6
July 7 - Aug 17
Data Science, Full Stack Coding, Management Consulting
Berlin Berlin May 26 - July 6
July 7 - Aug 17
Digital Design, Management Consulting